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The structures of the digestive system

Anatomy & Physiology of Digestion: 10 Facts That Explain How the Body Absorbs Nutrients

What does the digestive system do? The digestive system is a kind of processing plant inside the body. It pulls in food and pushes it through organs and structures where the processing happens. The fuels we need are extracted, and the digestive system discards the rest. What are the 6 processes of the digestive system? What is the alimentary canal? How does the stomach break down food? What is peristalsis?

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Profile view of the oral cavity showing the teeth, tongue, hard and soft palates

Structures of the Oral Cavity Are Responsible for the First Step of Digestion: Ingestion

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Overview of the digestive system

Peristalsis Creates Propulsion: How Food Moves Through the Alimentary Canal

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Accessory organs of digestion include the Liver, Gall bladder, Pancreas and Salivary glands

Accessory Organs: Glands and Organs That Facilitate the Process of Digestion

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The functions of the lower half of the digestive system involve absorption and waste creation

Nutrients In, Waste Out: How the Human Body Absorbs Nutrients and Eliminates Waste

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Gall stones, and example of a digestive pathology

Digestive System Pathologies: A Few Common Diseases and Disorders

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