Visible Body offers a whole world of visual human biology for healthcare professionals, professors, and students


We are a small, private company with the big goal of making it easier to understand and explain the complexities of anatomy and physiology. Visible Body creates apps that advance the way students learn and healthcare professionals practice.

We focus on medically accurate content you can access on any device and in multiple languages.

Accurate Anatomy

All of our content is created in-house by a team of professionals and is reviewed by professors and physicians. The biomedical visualization experts on the Visible Body team hold advanced degrees, have studied alongside medical students, and have extensive hands-on experience with cadaver dissection. Anatomy is at the heart of what we do.

Apps at Various Levels and in Multiple Languages

Over a million people all over the world have used our apps. Professionals use our apps for patient education. Instructors and students at colleges use them to teach and learn anatomy and physiology. And our high school-oriented help science teachers inspire future generations of healthcare professionals. Many of our apps are currently available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, French and Italian.

Apps at Various Levels and in Multiple Languages

Anatomy Wherever and Whenever You Need It

Our inspiration comes not from plastic models that sit on doctors' desks or the flat images in textbooks. We find our inspiration in the dynamic world of 3D games and mobile devices. Our interactive, engaging 3D anatomical visuals and encyclopedic reference text are delivered on a software platform that works on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Web, Windows, Mac, and even on emerging platforms like Sectra and zSpace tables.

anatomy whenever you need it


Some awards we want to share with you

Digital Health Awards Winner Fall 2016

Fall 2016 - Gold, Mobile Application Patient Education for Human Anatomy Atlas

Digital Health Awards 2016 Winner

Spring 2016 - Gold, Mobile Application Patient Education for Human Anatomy Atlas

Tabby Award Winner

2015 - Human Anatomy Atlas wins 2015 "User's Choice" award and is selected as the top reference app in the judged competition

AASL Best App Award

2015 - My Incredible Body voted Best App for Teaching & Learning (by the American Association of School Librarians)

About Our People

We are headquartered in greater Boston, a recognized center of medical innovation, and all our people are based in the U.S.. Our team includes biomedical visualization experts, educational publishing executives with decades of experience in instructional design, and programming and software architecture gurus. CEO Andrew Bowditch and CFO Matthew Bowditch, brothers who co-founded the company almost 10 years ago, continue to lead with an innovative, entrepreneurial, and cutting edge approach.