Visible Body Courseware

A robust web-based human anatomy learning platform that helps instructors better connect with their students.

Create visual and interactive lessons that engage students' passion for anatomy and physiology.

Visible Body Courseware is easy to use and full of the visual and interactive content and quiz features that anatomy instructors say make a difference in student learning. It's also available at the price instructors requested!

Visible Body Courseware Instructor Features

Visible Body Courseware is loaded with Visible Body's award-winning 3D anatomy and physiology apps, plus a huge quiz bank that instructors can customize. This web-based human anatomy learning platform offers the content and features instructors need to create lessons, assign activities and quizzes, and track student progress.

Course creation to the max

Design courses that combine Visible Body's visual and interactive content and your instructor images, videos, or online eBook links.

Learn more about the Visible Body content included in Courseware.

See how easy it is to create assignments using content from Visible Body apps or how to create assignments using images, video and ebook links, and other content.

The quiz bank of your dreams

To create Courseware, we worked with a team of instructors who all wanted loads of quizzing features missing in competing products from big publishers! That's why, in addition to content from our apps, instructor access to Courseware includes:

Use the Gradebook to see how students are progressing

All graded assignments report student performance to the Gradebook, which captures detailed information on each student's progress in the course.

Instructors can:

  • See how students are performing over multiple attempts
  • Post feedback comments to students
  • View detailed quiz answers

Loads of student-friendly features!

When students purchase access to Visible Body Courseware, they get so much content for less than US$50:

Visible Body Courseware Student Features

Get more anatomy content that is interactive and mobile—and pay less! Visible Body Courseware is loaded with Visible Body's award-winning 3D anatomy apps. The web-based interface is accessible to students on and off campus. For students who are always on the go, the mobile reference apps can be accessed anytime, anywhere!

Learn more, really get it!

Overwhelmed by long textbook introductions and illustrations with dozens of labels to memorize? Dive into the material with interactive 3D lessons and brief animations that walk you through the anatomy and function of each body system.

Use what the professionals use

Healthcare professionals all around the world use our 3D apps for mobile anatomy reference and patient education. Our apps have won awards for ease of use and the sheer amount of content packed into them!

What you get for your money

$50 gets you a two-year subscription to the web-based platform, which gives you access to all the lessons and content of your A&P course, plus access to the web versions of Human Anatomy Atlas 2018, Muscle Premium, Physiology Animations, and Anatomy & Physiology. But wait, there's more! You also get free mobile versions of these apps to keep forever.

Want to learn more about Courseware?

Try a class test

Try creating an interactive and visual lesson of your own, then ask students what they think! Both you and your students can get in on the action to determine if Courseware is right for your course. Contact our Education Team to set up a class test.


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They like it! They really like it!

"I have replaced my textbook with the Visible Body apps. The students enjoy interacting with them and are performing better than they did when we used an expensive textbook. They often talk about how fun it is."
— Cindy Harley, Metropolitan State University


"As an Anatomy and Physiology instructor, I love Visible Body! My students have increased their exam scores, especially when tested on bones and muscles! Finally my students understand origins and insertions." 
— Debbi Johnson, Western Connecticut State University


"When we started utilizing Visible Body in our labs, the change in student retention was immediate. We are now able to integrate more information and utilize new lab activities through VB in a more functional and integrative manner. As a result, students are able to walk away from our class with a very thorough and functional understanding of human anatomy." 
Tim Fleisher, University of Texas - Austin

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