Price and Subscriptions

What does it cost my students to use Visible Body?

If your school buys a Courseware license, students get free access. There is also the option for each student to purchase their own 2-year subscription to Courseware for $49.99, which includes 5 of our best-selling apps. Even after their subscription to the course ends, students keep the apps.

What is the cost for my school to purchase 3D anatomy apps?

Schools get bulk discount pricing for Courseware site licenses based on the relevant full-time enrollment or the number of users at the school. The annual fee is per student; it is a steep discount off of the student individual price of $49.99. There are no hidden additional institutional fees nor is there an automatic price increase after the first year. Use this form to get a quote.

Why use Courseware instead of buying individual apps?

Visible Body Courseware is more than just the individual apps we sell on our website and through Apple, Google, and Windows. With Courseware, instructors assign content and lessons based on the 3D models, animations, and other content in Visible Body’s apps. The Courseware platform includes one-of-a-kind interactive anatomy dissection quizzes that help recreate all that amazing learning that goes on inside an anatomy lab.

Why should I buy an institutional subscription instead of having students buy your 3D anatomy apps in the app store?

It is more cost-effective for students to purchase a Courseware subscription rather than individual apps. If a student purchases a Courseware subscription for $49.99, this gives them access to web and mobile versions of five of our best-selling apps. Individually, each of these apps would cost $24.99–$34.99 on the app store. A Courseware subscription also comes with customer support to get you started! It takes about an hour to launch your first online assignments and quizzes. You can follow our easy tutorials or book a consultation with an education team member who can walk you through the steps.

Do you have different subscription lengths?

A student subscription to Courseware provides access for two years. An annual institutional subscription provides access to all users at your school for every year of the subscription.

What if a student drops the course?

Students have the option to trial the product for the first two weeks of class for free. If they might drop, this is the recommendation.

Once a purchase has been made, and students have access to the downloaded products, there is no option to return or get a refund due to the permanent ownership of all Visible Body apps.

If a student drops the course, the instructor can remove them from the Gradebook.

Can multiple students use one account?

Usernames and passwords are unique to each account, and each account has only one Gradebook entry.

Do students get to keep anything when the subscription expires?

Yes! After a Courseware subscription expires, students get to keep the mobile apps they’ve downloaded to their devices. They can continue to use our best-selling apps as reference tools even after graduation.


What devices do the Visible Body apps run on?

Courseware is a web-based platform you can access on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. It includes mobile downloads (iOS or Android) of our apps as well as web versions of the apps. We put a lot of effort into making sure our products are available on both the latest and the most widely-used (but slightly less new) devices. You can check this article to see if your devices are compatible.

What happens if the product doesn’t open/run on my device?

If the web apps don’t open in one of the compatible browsers or mobile apps don’t open on your device, we have two recommendations. You can check the system requirements on the support site or you can get in contact with our customer support team.

How often is Courseware updated?

The Courseware platform updates continuously because we are always listening to customers and looking for ways to improve our products. Check out this article for a list of Courseware updates.

Are updates included in the price?

While your Courseware subscription is active, all Courseware updates (including the web versions of the apps) automatically roll out for all customers.

The mobile apps that students download with Courseware don’t update after they’re downloaded. This is the version students will continue to be able to use after the subscription ends.

How Does Visible Body Compare?

How do I know that yours are the best 3D anatomy models I can use with my students?

All of our 3D models, illustrations, and animations are created by our in-house team of biomedical visualization experts and reviewed by an external team of professors and medical professionals. We are continuously adding to and improving our content as we develop new products and build on recent medical research.

For more information on how we develop models, watch this short video that highlights our commitment to accuracy.

How complete are your 3D anatomy models?

We have complete male and female gross anatomy models you can dissect in 3D and augmented reality (AR). In addition, we have a growing collection of microanatomy models which include (but are not limited to) the typical human cell, the layers of the skin, the structure of bone tissue, the intestinal villi, the alveoli, and the structures of the eyes, ears, and tongue. We also have a growing collection of 3D pathology models.

In addition to anatomy models, we have a vast library of animations and images (illustrations, histology slides, MRI scans). These are created with the input of health sciences educators to meet the curriculum needs of A&P courses.

How does your product compare to competitors (3D4Medical, Primal Pictures, McGraw Hill, Pearson)?
  • We strive to provide a visual, immersive learning experience.
  • Over 1,000 schools and universities have purchased Visible Body institutional subscriptions.
  • We distinguish ourselves with:
    • Accuracy of content
    • Volume of content
    • Tools to help you match content to your course
    • Availability of products on newer and older devices
    • An interface that is fast to learn
    • Customer support to institutions, faculty, and students learning to use virtual and augmented reality
Who else uses Visible Body?

Over 1,000 schools and universities around the world have purchased Visible Body institutional subscriptions. Here are a few schools that use Courseware:

  • Austin Community College
  • Florida State University
  • Metropolitan State University
  • Miami Dade College
  • Mount Wachusett Community College
  • University of Illinois at Chicago
  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  • University of South Carolina
  • University of Texas Arlington
  • Western Connecticut State University

Teaching with Courseware

Is your product easy to learn? Do you have training/onboarding for instructors?

Yes and yes! We have a dedicated training team to help you make the transition to using 3D anatomy apps in your courses.

Do you have an instructor’s manual?

Visible Body has a wealth of instructor support materials. These include solutions to the quizzes in Courseware, Anatomy & Physiology learning objectives and textbook correlations with 3D anatomy assets in our products, free lesson plans and lab manuals you can use with your students, and other materials available on our resources page.

Answers to quiz questions and lab activities are restricted to specific instructors.

How easy is it to use Visible Body in lecture/lab?

Teaching with VB’s apps is easier than ever with Courseware! Students can complete learning modules, watch animations, explore 3D models and take multiple-choice and dissection quizzes as homework assignments or pre-/post-lab activities. Instructors can use VB’s apps to create tours and custom views, notecards, and images that can be incorporated into lecture materials.

Want to see how other instructors are using VB’s products in their classrooms and labs? Check out our webcasts & demos page, and the instructor case studies on our blog.

Do you have LMS integration?

Grades for Courseware assignments are stored in the Gradebook, and the contents of the Gradebook can be exported as a .csv that can be uploaded to the gradebook in Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, or Moodle.

Additional LMS integration is planned for the future—stay tuned for updates!

How do you protect student data?

We get a lot of questions from students and instructors about what student data we keep and for how long. See our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for the specifics. To learn more about Courseware’s technical, security, and compliance standards, see this article on the Visible Body Support Site.

If I don't adopt Visible Body, can I use the instructor resources, especially the labs?

Visible Body creates a large number of virtual anatomy and human biology education resources that are free to everyone. Visit the free resources page to check out our free lab activities, eBooks, videos, student handouts, and the contents of our blog and Learn Site.

There are many benefits to being a Visible Body subscriber. These include answer keys for lab activities, permission to use content, and access to our virtual anatomy and physiology quiz bank.

Support & Accessibility

What is your customer satisfaction rating?

We’ll let our customers speak for themselves on this one!

What kind of support do you offer? Is it 24/7? Who is my support contact?

We pride ourselves on our prompt and friendly customer service. If you need assistance with any of our products, or if you'd like to schedule a personalized training session to get you started with Courseware, fill out this form on our support site and someone from our support team will contact you within 1-2 business days.

Are there other users I can talk to?

We have an extensive series of tutorials and webinars made by instructors, for instructors. We also have an ongoing series of Office Hours sessions, in which attendees are encouraged to ask questions of their fellow instructors and the VB team. To receive Office Hours updates and find out how you can attend a session, sign up for our email list.

What types of accessibility features are present in your apps?

Our apps are designed with readability in mind. We don’t use flashing lights or images in our products. Time-sensitive elements only appear within professor designated tests, but these can all be catered to a learner’s needs. We also support most forms of assistance for limited- or low-vision users compatible with supported browsers.

A detailed VPAT/WACG is available from the sales team.