Want to use visual, interactive 3D anatomy in your course?

Visible Body is on a mission to make that powerful, easy, and affordable!

The team at Visible Body is on a mission to produce the most powerful visual teaching apps and make it easy to link the content in those apps to the LMS system you already use or to our Courseware.

Apps for all your courses

The content in all our products is created by medical visualization experts and reviewed by professors and healthcare professionals. Our apps can replace textbooks, serve as library reference, and be used by instructors to create virtual lab assignments and interactive homework. 

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Courseware and LMS integration

Want to create custom course assignments and quizzes using content from our visual and interactive apps? Need to track how students in your anatomy course are understanding learning objectives? Use our apps within the Visible Body Courseware platform. 

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Learn more about how (and why!) instructors are moving courses toward more visual and interactive anatomy learning. 

Interested in learning more about how and why instructors are moving towards augmenting labs with virtual activities, and using 3D models and animations in lecture, lab, and for homework? 

3D anatomy in college education

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