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Anatomy doesn't have to be so cut and dry. See the human body in a whole new light on our blog. The Visible Body Blog explores the anatomy, physiology, and associated pathologies of all the body systems in a way that is fun, funny, and understandable. Brighten up your day with some good ol' anatomy irreverence!


A library of eBooks, each a quick, visual presentation of a key anatomy topic. Review regional anatomy, core A&P course topics, muscles and bones for kinesiology courses, anatomy for yoga students, and more. There is even a section with anatomy for elementary school lessons!

Regional Anatomy
Available downloads include:
  • Anatomy Etymology. Where did the word 'heart' come from? How did we get 'muscle' from a word meaning 'little mouse'? Discover the origins of 18 anatomy terms!
  • The Lymphatic System. Learn about your body's defense system, which is way more widespread than you'd think
  • Facts and Fiction. 35 pages of debunked medical myths, history, and cool facts
Muscles and Bones
Available downloads include:
  • Axis and Atlas. Learn about the Axis and Atlas, the first two cervical vertebrae, and their very important jobs
  • Anatomy for Yogis. Between planking and downward-facing dog, yoga gives your muscles a serious stretch
  • The Trapezius. It’s a traps! Take a look at this broad muscle’s anatomy, innervation, attachment points and more
Undergrad A&P
Available downloads include:
  • The A&P Vocab Series. Medical prefixes, suffixes, positions, and planes – oh my!
  • The Human Cell. Go back to basic with this inside look of a cell and the organelles that keep in operational
  • Build a Heart. The heart is an extraordinary machine. Learn about the many different components that keep your ticker at peak performance
Anatomy for Kids
Available downloads include:
  • Guess the Anatomy. Five fun questions and answers to learn parts of the body
  • Heart Fun Facts eBook. What is the difference between an artery and a vein anyway?
  • Nervous Know-How. Using the brain and nervous system clues provided, complete the crossword puzzle.

Instructor Resources

Are you a professor thinking about using virtual 3D anatomy models in your courses? Check out our library of great resources showing how professors teach with Visible Body, how students learn with it, and more.  

Case Study: Watch how much more students can learn about the digestive system using 3D anatomy

Watch how much more students can learn about the digestive system using 3D anatomy

Available resources include:

  • Students and professors share experiences using 3D Human Anatomy to better visualize and learn. 
  • Results of 800+ student class test using Visible Body apps.
  • See a 3D anatomy lab in action: Watch a 3D heart dissection.

Learn Site

An online, visual introduction to human anatomy. Discover text, illustrations, and animations about basic human biology concepts.


Teach a course? Need to do some fast patient education or get a big-picture understanding of some basic human biology concepts? Our award-winning videos help students and patients see inside the human body and understand anatomy, physiology, and common diseases and pathologies.