Lab Activities

Written by professors for professors. Our lab activities, used in conjunction with our anatomy apps, will give your students a unique and interactive 3D experience. Download one (or all) for free and apply it to your course!

Human Anatomy Atlas
  • Digestive System. Developed by Blythe Nilson, Associate Professor of Biology, University of British Columbia
  • Human Heart. Developed by Molli Crenshaw, Instructor of Biology, Texas Christian University
  • Muscles of the Head and Neck. Developed by Stephanie Wallace, Instructor of Biology, Texas Christian University

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Anatomy & Physiology
  • Respiratory System. Developed by Andrew Criss, Doctoral Lecturer, York College
  • Muscles of the Shoulder and Arm. Developed by Stephanie Wallace, Instructor of Biology, Texas Christian University
  • Cranial Nerves. Developed by Molli Crenshaw, Instructor of Biology, Texas Christian University

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Physiology & Pathology
  • Digestion in a Bag. Adapted from Explorit Science Center’s Science Assembly Program at the University of California, Davis.
  • Heart Rate. Adapted from the American Heart Association.
  • Nephrons. Adapted from Sciencing.
  • Obstructed Airways. Adapted from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

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Muscles & Kinesiology
  • Body Motion: Developed by Sheena Shoemaker. Explores the basic types of muscle actions.
  • Rotator Cuff: Developed by Sheena Shoemaker. Explores shoulder anatomy and function, the anatomy of the rotator cuff, and the pathology of a rotator cuff tear.
  • ACL Tear: Developed by Sheena Shoemaker. Explores the anatomy of the knee joint and the pathology of an ACL tear.

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  • Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells: Developed by Adrienne Devlin, Visible Body Editorial Team. Introduces the basics of cells and compares prokaryotic and eukaryotic cell structure.
  • Monocot and Dicot Plants: Developed by Adrienne Devlin, Visible Body Editorial Team. Introduces the key structures and tissues of plants and compares monocot and dicot roots, stems, and leaves.

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Augmented Reality Labs

Have Human Anatomy Atlas on an iPad/iPhone or Android that supports augmented reality?

Try these AR lab worksheets!

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Sometimes students need their A&P studies to have a little pizzazz, and the Visible Body Blog has plenty of that to spare! Explore the anatomy, physiology, and associated pathologies of all the body systems in a way that is fun, funny, and understandable. Brighten up your students' day with some good ol' anatomy irreverence!



Give your students the good stuff with our eBook libraries, which review regional anatomy, core A&P course topics, muscles and bones for kinesiology courses, anatomy for yoga students, and more! Study guides have never looked so good.

Regional Anatomy
Available downloads include:
  • Anatomy Etymology. Where did the word 'heart' come from? How did we get 'muscle' from a word meaning 'little mouse'? Discover the origins of 18 anatomy terms!
  • The Lymphatic System. Learn about your body's defense system, which is way more widespread than you'd think
  • Facts and Fiction. 20 debunked medical myths, history, and cool facts
Undergrad A&P
Available downloads include:
  • The A&P Vocab Series. Medical prefixes, suffixes, positions, and planes – oh my!
  • The Human Cell. Go back to basic with this inside look of a cell and the organelles that keep in operational
  • The Endocrine System. Get regulating with this guide to endocrine system organs and hormones.
Muscles and Bones
Available downloads include:
  • Axis and Atlas. Learn about the Axis and Atlas, the first two cervical vertebrae, and their very important jobs
  • Anatomy for Yogis. Between planking and downward-facing dog, yoga gives your muscles a serious stretch
  • The Trapezius. It’s a traps! Take a look at this broad muscle’s anatomy, innervation, attachment points and more


Learn Site

Sometimes textbooks can be overwhelming. Our Learn Site presents anatomy & physiology in a way that's easy to digest, complete with illustrations and 3D animations that explain basic human biology concepts.



Need to do some fast patient education or give your students a big-picture understanding of some basic human biology? Our award-winning videos help students and patients see inside the human body and understand anatomy, physiology, common diseases, and pathologies.


Student handouts

Motivate your students with these study tips, job statistics, and interesting human body facts. We've surveyed anatomy & physiology instructors and asked about the study habits of the most successful students, studied the U.S. Labor Departments estimates for job growth (and pay!) in various healthcare occupations, and queried teachers about the human body factoids that keep students engaged. Download these items and use them as handouts or posters to hang on your door, classroom, or lab!

A&P Study Tips

Here's what hundreds of instructors see as the study habits of the best performing students!


Where the jobs are!

Show students the job growth in healthcare occupations and keep them studying for that anatomy & physiology quiz! We've summarized the latest data from the U.S. Department of Labor and created two one-sheet handouts.

Download jobs by salary

Download jobs by growth

Fun Factoids!

Sometimes the way to grab a student's interest is with an odd fact and a cool image. Here are 10 human body facts and images you can hang up or add to your lecture presentations!