What is Visible Body?

Visible Body offers a health and life sciences library that contains over 24,000 assets, including 3D gross and microanatomy models, virtual animal dissection models, diagnostic images, animations, and interactive simulations of biological processes.

Visible Body Suite
Visible Body Suite

VB Suite offers 3D visual anatomy, physiology, biology, and pathology content on the web and provides mobile access to anatomy content. Compare plans to see which license fits your classroom, lab, or school.

Visible Body Courseware
Visible Body Courseware

Visible Body Courseware includes all the interactive visual learning content from VB Suite, plus completely immersive assignments, a synced gradebook with student progress tracking, and LMS integration. Watch an overview.

Visualizing abstract concepts in 3D

Many of the most difficult topics for biology students to master involve abstract concepts and processes that can’t be seen with the naked eye. With Visible Body’s 3D models of animal cells, plant cells, bacterial cells, blood cells, and DNA, students can investigate tiny structures with no need for a microscope. They can also study the relationships between different groups of organisms with our phylogenetic tree model. Interactive simulations of photosynthesis, cellular respiration, mitosis, and meiosis give students a hands-on way to engage with complex biological processes.

Virtual animal dissection labs

Animal specimens can be expensive and messy. What’s more, instructors often tell us that lab time and budgets are limited. The 3D dissectible sea star, earthworm, frog, and pig models in Visible Body Suite are an affordable, easy-to-use virtual alternative to these traditional dissection labs! Students can examine and compare the internal and external structures of invertebrates and vertebrates together in the classroom, or on their own devices at home.

Assignments and assessments in 3D

With Visible Body Courseware, you’ll get all of the visual learning and reference resources from Visible Body Suite as well as the ability to assign learning modules and assessments to your students. Assignments in Courseware are fully immersive, keeping students in a single window as they work through bite-sized activities and short quizzes. What’s more, you can track students’ progress and time-on-task and integrate your Courseware course with your school’s LMS.

Free teaching and learning resources

Visible Body offers an extensive collection of free biology education resources you can use to integrate our content with your curriculum!

Want to teach biology with visual, interactive 3D resources? Contact our Education Team!