Choosing Visible Body as a visual anatomy database

A comprehensive visual database

Visible Body has a library of over 24,000 visual assets, including full male and female 3D gross anatomy models, microanatomy models, moving muscle action models, physiology animations, pathology visualizations, illustrations, and cadaver images paired with CTI or MRI scans. Students can learn even more with the included definitions, pronunciations, and learning presentations that use this visual content.

Accuracy you can trust

All of Visible Body's content is designed by our in-house team of biomedical visualization experts and reviewed by outside panels of academics and practitioners.

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About Visible Body Group Subscriptions

Anytime, anywhere access

The growth of online and hybrid learning platforms has highlighted the necessity of resources that are accessible on and off campus. With a Visible Body site license, students can access our products on the web or offline on their mobile devices no matter where they are. Visible Body’s web products are compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Mobile versions of the apps are available for iOS and Android with Courseware and Site License subscriptions.

Customization options that fit students’ needs

Visible Body’s content is available in multiple languages, from the user interface to labels, definitions, and video subtitles. Users can switch languages easily using the language picker in the settings menu. They can also select a preferred text size, change the background color on 3D views, and toggle closed captioning for animations.

Popular products for group subscriptions

Visible Body's Human Anatomy Atlas
Human Anatomy Atlas

Our flagship, award-winning bestselling 3D atlas of the human body. Watch an overview.

Visible Body Courseware

Custom design your own visual and interactive virtual courses. Watch an overview

Anatomy & Physiology

Designed to follow the curriculum of an introductory anatomy and physiology course. Watch an overview.

Visible Body's Muscle Premium
Muscle Premium

Used by orthopedic specialists, kinesiologists, physical therapists, and others learning or teaching about muscles and bones. Watch an overview.

Free resources for students and instructors

Visible Body provides tons of free resources that instructors can use alongside our products in the lab or classroom and that students can use to review key concepts.

  • The Learn Site is Visible Body’s totally free introduction to each human body system, complete with easy-to-understand explanations of important structures and their functions, as well as 3D and AR models
  • The VB Blog covers a wide range of topics, from anatomy in the news, historical fun facts, and overviews of common pathologies to teaching tips and tutorials
  • The eBooks in our library provide quick visual overviews of essential A&P topics and body systems
  • Visible Body’s Lab Activities link Visible Body’s 3D models with labeling and short-answer activities for all the topics needed in an introductory A&P course. We have additional lab activities for kinesiology, pathology, and biology courses.

Training and support

A customer support team that’s always there for you

If you’ve got questions, our Customer Support and Engagement teams have answers (quickly)! We’ve also got tutorials and training videos that will have you using Visible Body like a pro in no time.

Have questions? Want to start a trial or get a quote? Contact our Education Team!