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What is Visible Body?

Visible Body offers a health and life science library that contains over 24,000 assets, including 3D gross and microanatomy models, virtual animal dissection models, diagnostic images, animations, and interactive simulations of biological processes.

Our products are available in seven languages and on a wide range of devices for students, healthcare practitioners, and educators.

VB Suite contains everything you need to learn A&P and biology.

  • Fully dissectible 3D models: male and female human gross and micro anatomy, sea star, earthworm, frog, pig
  • Short videos and 3D tours on normal function and common conditions
  • Detailed muscle and muscle action models
  • Interactive simulations detailing key biological processes
  • Self-paced A&P bootcamp and Flashcards for studying

Subscriptions are available for individuals and groups.

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Visible Body Courseware

Visible Body Courseware is a web-based teaching and learning platform loaded with Visible Body's award-winning 3D anatomy and physiology content. Instructors use it to create and deliver course assignments and quizzes, manage grades, and expand and enhance anatomy and biology lab dissections with virtual simulations.

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Select reference products are available for one-time purchase on mobile devices

Human Anatomy Atlas

Our best-selling reference includes all body systems, gross anatomy, and select microanatomy

Physiology & Pathology

An interactive guide to core processes and common diseases of the human body

Muscles & Kinesiology

All of the content in Muscles & Kinesiology is available in Atlas⁠+⁠ to VB Suite subscribers.

Anatomy & Physiology

An interactive introduction to the structures and functions of each body system. Includes 50 chapters.