Lessons and assessments

Visible Body Courseware’s immersive assignments provide a visual, interactive supplement (or alternative!) to the traditional textbook experience.

Each of our premade immersive assignments…

  • comprises a series of bite-sized activities and low-stakes assessments that keep students engaged and aware of their progress.
  • includes learning objectives to guide students.
  • is correlated with NGSS and state standards (CA, FL, IL, PA, NY, TX).
  • is tracked in the built-in gradebook (including time-on-task).

You can find all the learning objectives for Visible Body’s immersive A&P and biology courses in our curriculum assets guide PDF.

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Correlated courses

Visible Body offers course outlines and courses correlated to popular life science textbooks. These are available for instructors with Visible Body Courseware to download from our premade courses page.

Each of these courses…

  • contains folders with topics aligned to a standard course or a specific textbook.
  • features a variety of visual assets—such as 3D models, animations, flashcard decks, and lab activities—and quizzes for each topic.
  • can be edited to fit your course’s objectives and structure.

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Lab activities

Visible Body’s education resource library includes extended labs as well as activities that can be completed in one session.

  • These labs can be completed at home or online. Use them to enhance a wet lab or complete a fully virtual A&P or biology lab.
  • Get students out of their seats with our augmented reality (AR) activities! These shorter worksheets have students use iPads, iPhones, or Android devices to see and interact with 3D models in their own environment.

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Study tools and lesson plans

The VB Education Team uses our visual and interactive product to produce content that keeps students engaged in the learning process.

Content includes:

  • Lesson plan blog posts: This series of posts on the Visible Body blog gives you everything you need to 3D-ify your lessons using VB Suite and VB Courseware, complete with step-by-step details and links to necessary VB resources.
  • Flashcards: Visible Body’s 3D flashcards are great for studying on the go, and our library has decks covering key topics in anatomy and biology.
  • Tours: These premade 3D presentations are perfect for lectures or quick review.
  • eBooks: Use our short and informative eBooks to review regional anatomy, core A&P and biology course topics, muscles and bones for kinesiology courses, anatomy for yoga students, and more!
  • YouTube videos: The Visible Body YouTube channel has 15-minute lessons on key biology topics, as well as 2-5 minute mini-lessons on the human body.

Community content

The VB Education Community forum is a place where curriculum designers, instructors, and our customer engagement team post content they’ve created that instructors can use right away!

On the VB Education Community page, you’ll find:

  • Complete course outlines
  • Lessons and assessments
  • Presentations
  • Flashcards
  • Handouts
  • Tutorials on key VB software features

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Student handouts

Motivate your students with these study tips, career stats, and interesting human body facts. We've surveyed anatomy & physiology instructors and asked about the study habits of the most successful students, studied the latest health career education statistics, and queried teachers about the human body factoids that keep students engaged. Download these items and use them as handouts or posters to hang on your door, classroom, or lab!

Visible Body A&P Study Tips
A&P Study Tips

Here's what hundreds of instructors see as the study habits of the best performing students!

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Preparing for a Healthcare Career

Degrees in the health professions are popular among students, and workers in healthcare fields are in high demand! Learn how Visible Body can set students up for success as they prepare for careers in healthcare.

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Visible Body skull with eye in 3d
Fun Factoids!

Sometimes the way to grab a student's interest is with an odd fact and a cool image. Here are 10 human body facts and images you can hang up or add to your lecture presentations!

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