Use 3D visuals alongside or as an alternative to labs

Visible Body works with educators and students to design anatomy and biology apps that present information in ways that students find accessible, relevant, and engaging.

Instructors use our 3D visual products to replace or reinforce textbooks, as a part of their lectures, and to create online labs or in-lab exercises with virtual models that provide alternatives to plastic models and animal or cadaver dissections. Mobile and web-based products enable students to study wherever they are and track their own learning.

Help students visualize abstract anatomy, physiology, and biology concepts

One of the biggest challenges of teaching A&P and biology is helping students to visualize complex abstract concepts and processes. Visible Body’s 3D models (including an interactive beating heart, muscle actions, DNA coiling/supercoiling, and photosynthesis), augmented reality models, and physiology and pathology animations make it easy for students to see the complex spatial relationships between structures and understand key physiological and biochemical processes.

Conduct virtual dissections and lab activities online

With Visible Body, students can participate in hands-on identification, manipulation, and dissection of thousands of virtual 3D models that can be used in conjunction with, or as replacements for, specimens or physical models.

The Gross Anatomy Lab views in Human Anatomy Atlas make a great online alternative to in-class dissection. Visible Body’s augmented reality lab activities, which can be printed at home and completed with Human Anatomy Atlas on a mobile device, bring structure labeling to life in vivid 3D.

Create an online anatomy or biology course for distance learning using Courseware

Want to create and deliver course content to your students online? Select our Courseware option to custom-create exactly the course you want!

With Visible Body Courseware you can:

  • Create assignments using 3D interactive content from Visible Body apps, videos, images, documents, and presentations
  • Assign quizzes from our bank of over 1,000 dissection and multiple choice quiz questions or create your own
  • Track student performance in a gradebook that shows detailed student results

Use Visible Body’s free 3D anatomy and biology resources to keep students engaged

Use Visible Body’s free teaching resources to try out a 3D lesson or lab, or fully integrate our 3D interactive content into your course.

  • Our free lab activities are written by instructors for instructors and rely on 3D interactive models and animations to be used alongside, or instead of, cadavers and specimens.
  • The Anatomy & Physiology Correlation Guide makes it easy for instructors to see how the content in the A&P textbook they use is covered in our visual and interactive Anatomy & Physiology product. The Anatomy & Physiology Correlation Guide and Visible Biology’s lesson plans make it easy for instructors to see how our products correlate to learning goals and the content in the textbooks they use.
  • Keep students engaged with free A&P and biology eBooks, blog posts, and a Learn Site that introduces key topics and body systems with short articles, illustrations, and 3D models.

Want to teach anatomy and biology with visual, interactive 3D resources? Contact our Education team!