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Efficacy in effect

Dr. Cindy Harley at Metropolitan State University found in her 2021 study that using Visible Body improves students’ grades:


Rise in As


Rise in Bs


Drop in Cs


Drop in
Ds & Fs


Drop in course withdrawal rate

Students and instructors also reported that Visible Body is engaging and easy to use:

Bar graph of student and teacher feedback results, where 4.8/5 saw a rise in teaching enjoyability and ease, and 4.6/5 found an increase in student engagement.

But wait, there’s more! Of the 500 students that responded to Visible Body’s Spring 2022 survey…


found studying with VB to be efficient


thought their instructor improved the course by adding VB


would recommend VB to other students

Overall, 88% of these students felt that Visible Body is either a great replacement or a great accompaniment to a textbook.

"The Visible Body animations and models provided me with a great visual, interactive learning environment. For me, learning this way is better than reading the textbook."

Pie chart showing students opinions of Visible Body compared to a textbook.

"The Visible Body animations and models are a great companion to the textbook. I would ideally use both the textbook and Visible Body for the best learning experience."

"Compared to traditional materials, I didn’t think Visible Body was much of an improvement."

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You’re in good company

Over 1000 institutions worldwide use Visible Body!


Hear what students have to say

This was my second time taking an anatomy and physiology course. I found that Visible Body was a HUGE help and really added to the learning experience. Having a 3D model accessible at home, and being able to manipulate that model and see all of the bones and muscles from different points of views was extremely helpful. Visible Body definitely made learning much more easy and enjoyable!

I thought it was the best possible investment for my education. This was phenomenal.

Thank you for such an easy, accessible, and interactive way to study anatomy! It was so helpful, especially for learning the bones.

I loved Visible Body. As a commuter who couldn’t get into the lab as often for practicals, Visible Body was the best experience!

Explore and use all of the available resources on Visible Body. It’s fun, but also extremely helpful for learning!

Great for anyone needing to learn anatomy and want to dissect their way through the body at their own pace.

Instructor testimonials

I would like to extend my eternal gratitude for the Visible Body family stepping up and helping all of us who had to transition to an online platform during this past spring semester. I really could NOT have done it without this technology!!

Prof. Margaret Harris, A&P
Wilkes Community College

The feedback I’ve received from my students has been overwhelmingly positive. They've specified they appreciate the ability to manipulate structures (bones, muscles, etc) since we began remote instruction.

Prof. Dave Lott Clarion, A&P I&II
University of Pennsylvania

I’m really liking this course set up and the fact that it comes with the material for both physiology and anatomy from the Saladin textbook I use. I’m thinking I could do away with my students' textbook and lab manual required purchases.

Prof. Norbert Adame, A&P
GateWay Community College

My students are finding innovative ways to use the software, ways I didn’t think of. It has been a fantastic tool, and I can see how it would fit perfectly with all of the other work we usually do in lab like models, slides, dissections, etc.

Paul Favata, A&P Lab
SUNY, Sullivan

After exploring Visible Body's teaching platform Courseware, I can tell you that the quality of the content is excellent, and the implementation is straightforward.

Dr. Carlos Ruiz, A&P
Miami Dade College of Health

I can honestly say those who purchase Visible Body are the top-performing students in the course. I truly feel it provides the type of support students prefer/need to be successful in the course. It presents the content in a way that is far more enriching than any physical manual I've ever used.

Stacy Vasquez, M.S., Biology
Mountain View College

Your 3D content has been absolutely crucial in helping me deliver my course content. The images of body structures helped to cover laboratory material that would have been challenging to present otherwise. Your apps have truly been an important component of my remote instruction.

Dr. Chris Kule, A&P I&II
Pennsylvania College of Technology

Applause and awards from around the web

Prestigious companies and industry groups are high-fiving us, too!

Awards won by Visible BodyAwards won by Visible Body

Last but not least, Google has included more than 100 of Visible Body’s 3D + AR human anatomy and biology structures into organic search, a distinction that landed us on the main stage of their 2019 i/o Developer Conference.

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