Human Anatomy Atlas offers Augmented Reality on iPhones and iPads



Turn any room into an anatomy lab with Visible Body's interactive 3D visuals!


See 3D gross anatomy and microanatomy models beyond your screen

Augmented Reality in Human Anatomy Atlas 2018 Edition for Apple's iOS 11 creates a transformative learning experience that enables you to visualize gross anatomy and microanatomy as you would in a lab room with cadavers or specimens.


Human Anatomy Atlas 2018 Edition with AR integration:

Works on any newer model iPhone or iPad running iOS 11

Includes a new Anatomy Lab experience

Offers gross anatomy and microanatomy views in Augmented Reality

Human Anatomy Atlas with Augmented Reality transforms any surface into a lab table with anatomy specimens to study and dissect.

Using an iPhone or iPad, you can place a virtual human organ or complete human body on any flat surface and use your device as a viewing window to identify and virtually dissect anatomy. With Apple’s devices and the Visible Body app, now any room can be turned into a completely outfitted anatomy lab with thousands of virtual specimens.

Visible Body's app support augmented reality

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Millions of people interested in human biology education have used Visible Body apps, including students, teachers, medical professionals, and patients. Our customers also include institutions such as universities, hospitals, libraries, and businesses.

Customers use Visible Body apps for studying and teaching anatomy and physiology, as reference tools, and as patient education materials.

Institutional subscriptions of Visible Body’s apps are available to high schools, colleges, and hospital networks for classroom, research, and patient education. 


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For additional information on Visible Body's Augmented Reality for Apple's new iPhone 8 and select iPhones/iPads running iOS11, read the press release

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