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Visible Body subscriptions for PCs, Macs, and tablets put 3D interactive anatomy learning in the hands of your high school students. 

Choose the apps that best fit your high school's curriculum

Visible Body offers products students can use instead of a textbook or for virtual anatomy dissections. Review the content in these three products to find your best fit. 


Human Anatomy Atlas

Our flagship, award-winning bestselling 3D Atlas of the Human body. Use with our free virtual dissection lab activities.

Muscle Premium

A 3D atlas of the anatomy and function of muscles and bones. Includes pathologies. Use with our free e-books.

Anatomy & Physiology

Designed to follow the curriculum of an introduction anatomy and physiology course. Use with our free lab activities.

Visible Body Courseware
Visible Body Courseware

Interactive assignments and lessons that engage your students' passion for anatomy and physiology.

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Education pricing

US $49.99 for 2 years per user
Visible Body Courseware
Visible Body Courseware


Multi-user Seat License: PC, Mac, iOS, or Android
Education pricing

US $150 / yr per license
  • License description: Each seat license can be installed on one computer and used by multiple individuals.
  • Examples: Seat licenses are often installed on a computer in a lab, classroom, or library—anywhere an institution has a computer used by any individual at the institution.
  • Price: Each education seat license is sold as an annual subscription for US $150 per year.
  • How to buy: Use the purchase links below. Follow the purchase instructions and receive a download link and unlock keys.

Use our instructor resources to create lessons for your high school course

We've done the work for you! Use these free teaching resources to try out a 3D anatomy lesson or lab, or fully integrate Visible Body's 3D interactive content into your course.

Try out an interactive virtual anatomy lab.
Visible Body lab activities are written by instructors for instructors and rely on 3D interactive models and animations to be used alongside, or instead of, cadavers and specimens. These lab activities are free to instructors and students. There is no expensive lab manual to purchase! Each activity includes pre-lab, lab, and post-lab steps for students to follow using our Human Anatomy Atlas and Anatomy & Physiology products. There are dozens of labs available, including on the heart, digestive system, muscles, and more.

Use animations and 3D virtual models to teach core concepts.
This Anatomy & Physiology correlation guide makes it easy for instructors to see how the bite-sized interactive anatomy and physiology lessons in our A&P app can be used to teach an introduction to each human body system. The correlation guide includes learning objectives in our app, the lessons in which each objective is presented, and how that content is presented in popular textbooks such Marieb, Martini, McKinley, Saladin, Tortora, and OpenStax.

Try some of our highly-visual and free content posted on the web.
Not ready to make a buy or jump into a free instructor trial? Visible Body teaching resources page has lots of free content that doesn't require access to our apps. Check out the free ebooks on key topics, student handouts that promote healthcare education, the Learn Site and our blog that use more visuals and brief text to introduce human body functions and common conditions.

Start a free instructor trial!
Want to try out 3D, interactive anatomy learning? Schedule an instructor tutorial web meeting with a member of our Education Team. In 30 minutes you will get a walk-through of some 3D interactive models, and explore the options for creating assignments using these models and our cloud-based online assignment platform, or popular LMS systems like Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle and D2L. You'll also get a free instructor trial code.

Get the details:
Why are 3D, visual interactive anatomy resources so popular?

We've gathered professor testimonials, student class test results, videos, and instructor support resources showing how 3D visual anatomy can improve student success.

Why choose Visible Body seat license apps?

Accurate, visual anatomy education. Visible Body content is produced by an awarding-winning team of medical illustrators and biomedical visualization experts belonging to the Association of Medical Illustrators.

Content that easily fits your teaching needs. Our content database has tens of thousands of visual and text assets. We curate this content into a series of apps that are easy to learn and fast to use. Apps also support multiple languages and our free resources help educators create lesson plans.

Flexible seat licenses that do not require internet access. Our seat licenses are a great fit for schools with computers in lab rooms, on carts that are shared, or in libraries. Visible Body licenses can be installed on PC, Mac, Android or iOS devices and, once activated, do not require web access.

Please note: If your administration is interested in a district-wide, web-access solution that includes course management, lesson assignment, and student assessment tracked through a grade book, see our Courseware product. Courseware site licenses start at about $3,000. In addition to supporting off-campus access and course management, our Courseware solution is available for many Chromebooks.

Anterior 3D view of muscles, blood vessels, and nerves inside the head