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Visible Body Courseware is used by instructors to deliver interactive and visual course assignments and quizzes and to track grades. If your course is using Courseware you’ll be asked to purchase a subscription or to log in through your school’s group subscription.

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Visible Body has a series of reference apps you can buy on the App Store or Google Play store and download to your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device. Courseware users have access to these apps on the web and via the My Apps page as part of their subscription. You can also get a web based subscription to access the apps from your Windows, Mac, or Chromebook* device.

Human Anatomy Atlas is a comprehensive reference of the male and female body. Anatomy & Physiology is a step-by-step visual introduction to the structures and functions of each human body system. Muscle Premium focuses on muscles and bones, and Physiology & Pathology introduces key physiological processes and common pathologies.

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The content team at Visible Body produces a lot of free visual learning content to help students and instructors with their learning and teaching goals. You can check out our complete resources page or go directly to the type of free content that fits your learning style:

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