Everything you need to easily incorporate Visible Body apps into your course

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Integrate Visible Body apps into your course

We've done the work for you! We mapped our apps to the content in your A&P textbook, created courseware so you can customize and track student learning, and integrated our apps into the most popular Learning Management Systems. We also partnered with instructors to create popular lab activities; with these you can use Visible Body apps instead of, or alongside, cadavers and specimens.

Correlation guides

Correlate the chapters in Visible Body’s Anatomy & Physiology app to similar content in A&P textbooks:

Marieb, Anatomy & Physiology
Martini, Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology
McKinley, Anatomy & Physiology
Saladin, Anatomy & Physiology
Tortora, Anatomy & Physiology
Open Stax OER, Anatomy & Physiology

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Lab activities

Visible Body lab activities are written by instructors for instructors. Each activity includes pre-lab prep and steps for students to follow in lab using our Human Anatomy Atlas and Anatomy & Physiology apps.

Visible Body lab activities are available free to instructors and students. There is no expensive lab manual to purchase! 

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Want to create and deliver course content to your students online? Select our Courseware option to custom-create exactly the course you want!

With Visible Body Courseware you can:

  • Create various types of assignments for students: 3D interactive content from Visible Body apps, videos, images, documents and presentations
  • Assign quizzes from our bank of over 1,000 dissection and multiple choice quiz questions or create your own
  • Track student performance in a gradebook that shows detailed student results

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LMS integrations

Do you use Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle or D2L? Select our Course Pack options and you can deliver specific 3D content from Visible Body apps to your students.

The steps are simple!

  • Our higher ed team will deliver the cartridge you or your school's IT person can use to integrate Visible Body's content into your LMS
  • Our higher ed team will create a dedicated student website from which students can make a purchase and download mobile apps
  • Use our awesome online tutorials or book time with our team to create course assignments and quizzes, assign these to students, and track performance!

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Get the help you need to transform your course

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Training and support

We want to make it fast and simple to start using our apps in your course. Contact the education team to see the course page we set up for instructors and for students.

  • The instructor course page includes step-by-step assistance to set up a Courseware or LMS integration, and contact info for sales and support staff in case you have any questions
  • The student course page links students straight to the course key they need to buy, provides links to the student support page, and says how to contact our support team to troubleshoot any problems!

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Free resources

We want our Courseware and apps to be well-priced. We also know that there are all sorts of additional content student and instructors need; we provide that, too!

  • Free lab manuals that walk through anatomy lab activities students can complete with Visible Body apps
  • Free e-books students can use to study key terminology
  • Images, videos, and articles that visually communicate key anatomy, physiology and pathology

Access free visual anatomy resources from Visible Body:

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