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Visible Body apps make it easy for teachers to help students reach a new level of understanding in class, the lab, and on their own!

Anatomy and Physiology can be one of the most challenging subjects for high school students. Both Career Technology Education health science students and biology students can get overwhelmed by the complexity of the human body and the amount of anatomy there is to learn. More students are studying therapeutic, diagnostic, and personal care services as well as advanced human biology. They all need a firm grounding in anatomy and physiology to complete their education and launch their careers. That's where Visible Body can help!

We work with educators and students to design apps that present information to students in ways that they find accessible, relevant, and engaging. Our apps are visual, interactive, and mobile! They are used in high schools across the country for:

  • Visual and interactive lectures: dynamic visualizations of bodily structures and functions that teachers can customize to match their lesson goals.
  • Virtual labs: hands-on identification, manipulation, and dissection of thousands of virtual 3D models that can be used in conjunction with, or as replacements for, specimens or physical models.
  • Interactive, self-paced lessons: students can explore and review anatomy and physiology at their own pace; quiz themselves; and look up terminology, definitions, and pronunciations.


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How do 3D interactive anatomy models improve student success?

Watch the videos below to hear straight from our development team and instructors. Today's high school students are part of the "Digital Natives" generation. They engage with information presented visually, in small bites, on-screen, and on the go. Interactive 3D worlds are more familiar to them than dense textbooks. Visible Body apps leverage students' comfort with the technology to help them gain a comprehensive understanding of complex anatomy and physiology.

7 minutes | The Digestive System in 3D

See the differences between 2D visuals and 3D anatomy when teaching about key digestive system structures. Presentation by Bert Oppenheim, MS Medical and Biological Visualization, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

2 minutes | Lab prep with a 3D heart

This 2-minute presentation by Molli Crenshaw, instructor in the Biology Department at Texas Christian University, reviews how she uses 3D interactive homework assignments to prepare students for a heart valve lab.

Visible Body apps make it easy and fast to use visual and engaging technology in class.

  • Pick the Visible Body apps that best match teaching goals! Visible Body's easy-to-use apps include the 3D anatomical structures, definitions, and pronunciations that are part of anatomy curricula. Physiology is presented in dozens of brief, visually stunning animations. Our apps also include hundreds of quiz questions, plus other features, like checklists and notecards, that help students track their learning. Teachers have the option to use Visible Body Courseware to match and customize content to their course needs.
  • Supplement traditional A&P textbooks. Visible Body's Anatomy & Physiology app comes with guides that correlate the unit objectives to the content in Open Stax, Marieb, Martini, and other popular textbooks .
  • Use the Visible Body teaching resources! Visible Body provides free ebooks, a learn site and blog, plus lesson plans and free lab activites that guide students through pre-lab, lab, and post-lab activities for the heart, digestive system, muscles, and more.
  • Create your own teaching materials. Institutions with a subscription can leverage Visible Body's visual assets to create their own materials: in-class presentations, handouts, slideshows, lab manuals, or study guides. 
  • Available for many types of computers. Visible Body apps are available on the popular computers and mobile devices schools and students rely on—Macs, PCs, Chromebooks, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and zSpace tables.
  • Get an instructor trial! The cost of Visible Body's site license is often less than the course materials it can replace, and it fits into many administrators' budgets. Request a free instructor trial and ask for a quote.

When high school students are given access to this technology and content, they are not only being equipped with a powerful learning tool for their current coursework, but they are also building skills to use a technology that will continue to serve them in the future. Today's therapeutic services student is tomorrow's athletic trainer, nurse practitioner, or endodontist who can use these apps to better explain scenarios and treatments to their patients.

Visible Body beyond the classroom

Visible Body apps are used worldwide at schools, universities, hospitals, and clinics. Learn more about our company history, our dedication to accurate human biology content, and latest news


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  • You will also be able to discuss options for buying: site licenses or seat licenses are available to high schools and school districts. Our apps are available for PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and/or zSpace machines.
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