New! Augmented Reality


Turn any room into an immersive 3D learning experience.


Do your students have access to mobile devices?

Get a school subscription to Human Anatomy Atlas 2018 and transform any surface into a lab table with 3D anatomy to study and dissect.

Visible Body's Human Anatomy Atlas 2018 Edition plus Mobile equals Augmented Reality! 

 You may be thinking: "This is cool, but how do I use augmented reality with anatomy students?" 

  • Keep your plastic models but retire your textbook or medical dictionary. Students can use a mobile device to search, find, and learn structure names, pronunciations, and details in 3D while studying the plastic models.
  • Reduce lab costs! Have students dissect a virtual eyeball or human brain instead of purchasing sheep eyeballs, cow brains, etc.
  • Keep it all the same in the class or lab, and assign augmented reality homework. Hand out our free AR lab worksheets and have students complete assignments anytime, anywhere!



Wondering why students engage with mobile apps and augmented reality?

It empowers them to:

  • Dissect organs without the mess.
  • Study detailed anatomy & physiology.
  • Get a few minutes, or a whole hour of studying, any time and place.

Augmented reality has been found to improve student learning. Review a summary of research to see how. 



Need some more details?

Take a deeper dive and:



How to buy

Human Anatomy Atlas with augmented reality is available for certain iPads, iPhones, and Android devices. Check the system requirements details to see if your students have AR capable devices. 

We offer two purchase options for schools:

  • Multi-user seat licenses that are installed on specific devices at your school or lab. Price is an annual subscription per device.
  • Site license subscriptions that provide access to supported devices within an institution's network. Price is an annual subscription based on the number of users.



About Visible Body 

Visible Body is a dynamic content and software development company based in Newton, MA. For over two decades we've partnered with healthcare professionals and educators to produce award-winning, visual, and interactive software that makes it easy for students to learn anatomy, physiology, and common conditions. If you love the human body, you'll love us!


Visible Body showing Augmented Reality with a skull on a table


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