Anatomy and Physiology in multiple devices

Anatomy & Physiology

A visually stunning, step-by-step introduction to each human body system

Anatomy & Physiology visually and interactively engages students in the core concepts of an undergraduate A&P course with stunning animations and 3D anatomical models that can be dissected. Quizzes, learning objective checklists, and an intuitive interface help students learn the content at their own pace.

What is it all about?

Anatomy & Physiology is Visible Body's newest product. It is a totally revolutionary way for undergraduate students to learn anatomy and physiology. If you have students who struggle to understand the book, or come to lecture or lab without the necessary basic understanding of what you need them to know in advance, give them this software. It is a visual and interactive, step-by-step guide to the major ideas in your course. Your students will come to your lecture with a better understanding and visual images in their minds as you discuss specific topics. They'll come to lab more aware. Watch the tutorial if you haven't yet!

What topics are covered?

Anatomy & Physiology is set up just like a typical undergraduate A&P syllabus or textbook. There is a unit on each body system. Within each unit are a series of chapters that do a deeper dive. Each chapter contains 3D models, illustrations, and animations to convey key concepts.

Download our table of contents with learning objectives.

How do I use it?

Assign a chapter for students before they come to lecture or lab. Use it to complement your online course. If you are flipping your class, get students to work through a module prepared to discuss the topic in class.

Watch how one A&P professor uses it for her lecture on the lower respiratory system.

Download our instructor manual with textbook correlation guides.

How do I know this will address the challenges I have with student readiness in the undergraduate A&P course I teach?

We class tested the beta release in the Spring of 2013 with hundreds of students. More than 90% of these student class testers said they thought the app was a great tool.

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See how one student uses Anatomy & Physiology to meet her challenges head on.

What does it cost my students?

The mobile versions of the app (iPad/iPhone, Android tablets and phones, and Windows Touch devices) are set to the student discount. If you are an instructor, get in touch with us, and request a discount code for your students interested in the PC or Mac version.

For how long do students get access to Anatomy & Physiology?

If your students will be buying Anatomy & Physiology on their own, it is a one-time buy. Students buy it once and own it forever! They can use it to review hundreds of concepts, thousands of anatomical structures, definitions, and pronunciations. Our idea is that this product will be a huge help to students learning anatomy & physiology, a useful reference through the remainder of their healthcare education, and a valuable support mechanism throughout their professional endeavors. For other purchasing options, please see the following questions regarding site licenses and bookstore purchases.

Are site licenses available?

Anatomy & Physiology site licenses are provided via web browser and run on PC or Mac. The user interface of the site license is most similar to that of the download applications. Certain PC or Mac functions those that require individual user accounts are not available for site license versions. We can also create a custom site license bundle for your school that includes our other apps, including Human Anatomy Atlas, Skeleton Premium, Muscle Premium, Physiology Animations, and Heart & Circulatory Premium.

Who do I contact for more information or to get my bookstore what they need to order?

You can get in touch with us for more information.