Anatomy is at the heart of what we do.

We began creating our proprietary models of the human body over 15 years ago. We have rendered thousands of gross anatomy and microanatomy structures for each of the male and female models. We also have compiled a catalog of hundreds of animations and scripts and a library of thousands of medical definitions in multiple languages.

All of our models are created by an in-house team of biomedical visualization experts and are based on their experience with cadavers, their extensive primary visual notes, and their trusted secondary sources.

At every stage of the process, an advisory board of professors and medical professionals reviews our content. Final models are further reviewed by a test group of expert users. Medical accuracy is critical in creating, reviewing, and displaying our content. For more information on how we develop models watch this short video that highlights our commitment to accuracy.

We are continuously adding to and improving our content as we develop new products and build on recent medical research. Millions of people worldwide have used our apps, and we listen closely to their feedback about our products and their needs.

In addition to our product catalog, we also provide free learning content via our popular Visible Body Blog, Learn Anatomy website, YouTube videos, and eBooks.