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Reviews of Visible Body

Visible Body's award-winning visuals, detailed content, and interactive usability earn praise from reviewers, professors, healthcare professionals, and students.

"It can be very hard to explain a specific injury or pathology to a patient or students using the illustrations and descriptions available in the medical textbooks. The unique 3D approach used by the Visible Body® gives physicians and educators the ability to visually demonstrate and explain how the body works to their patients or students in a way that is easily understandable." - Edward G. Buckley, MD, Professor Ophthalmology and Pediatrics and Interim Vice Dean for Medical Education, Duke University Medical School

"I'm amazed, actually, how great the graphics look ... [3D Human Anatomy Atlas for iPhone] is like a turbo-charged pocket anatomy reference. Cool app, a ton of content, and very useful." - iTunes reviewer

"The ability to add and subtract organs and manipulate structures in 3D allows a better understanding of anatomical relationships. It has been indispensible in helping to teach bedside clinical anatomy." - iTunes reviewer

"Whether you're a medical student or just fascinated by anatomy, this is the app to get. Amazing graphics and the ability to fade or hide layers makes it worth the price." - iTunes reviewer

"Amazing app. ... I don't know how anyone learns anatomy without it. The fade/hide features allow you to ... visualize the special arrangement of the body." - iTunes reviewer

"Great anatomical reference tool in the palm of your hand. Amazingly easy to use and navigate. The anatomy looks great and more important is the accuracy of the material." - iTunes reviewer

"I am a doctorate student and a visual learner. This app is golden for me." - iTunes reviewer

"An especially nice feature is being able to "hide" certain anatomical structures to better see how parts relate to one another. The graphics are fabulous." - iTunes reviewer

"This app exceeded my expectations. It's one of the best anatomy tools I own. It's simple to use, detailed, and engaging." - reviewer