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16 - 30 out of 41

Graphing Literacy: How to Read a Graph and Interpret Data

Dr. Harley explains the anatomy of a graph, different types of common graphs, and walks through examples of ways to interpret data.


3 Ankle Sprain Symptoms

What is a sprained ankle? How is an ankle sprain different from an ankle strain or an ankle fracture?


The Physiology of Fear

You’ve probably heard of “fight or flight,” which is the response the body has to stress or fear. Let’s use the interactive 3D models in Human Anatomy Atlas and Physiology & Pathology to walk through the body's fear response!


Heart Disease: CAD and Heart Attacks

Learn about coronary artery disease (CAD) and heart attacks with Visible Body Suite.


Stroke Types and Symptoms

Learn about the signs and symptoms of strokes, and B.E. F.A.S.T.!


The Structure of Skeletal Muscle

Explore the structure of skeletal muscle with our 3D muscle tissue microanatomy model in Visible Body Suite.


Visible Biology Lesson 9: Innate Immunity

Dr. Cindy Harley explains how your body is basically a castle and your innate immune system acts as the peasant army, castle sentries, and royal soldiers that fight to keep enemy invaders (in this case, viruses and bacteria) from taking the throne.


An Inside Look at Chloroplasts

Explore the organelles inside plant cells, as well as the inner structures of chloroplasts and the process of photosynthesis.


A Virtual Tour of the Male and Female Urinary Systems

Gotta go? Before you do, check out this walkthrough of the urinary system, how urine is created, and the differences between male and female urinary anatomy.


Visible Biology Lesson 8: The Origins of Cells and Cell Function

Let’s go back 3.6 billion years and follow the rise of multicellular organisms.


Nasolacrimal Apparatus

The nasolacrimal system produces and drains tears.


Internal and External Respiration

The processes of internal respiration and external respiration (gas exchange) are essential to understanding how the circulatory and respiratory systems work together to keep the body's tissues supplied with oxygen and remove waste.


Visible Biology Lesson 7: Cellular Respiration (in less than 2 minutes!)

Learn about glycolysis, the citric acid cycle, and more in less than two minutes!


Types of Blood Cells

Your blood contains a variety of different cells with a broad range of functions. Check them out in 3D with Visible Biology - no microscope needed!


Visible Biology Lesson 6: Primary Organelles of a Eukaryotic Cell

In this episode, Dr. Harley walks through the functions of these organelles by grouping them into three categories: makers, breakers, and movers.