Visible Biology

A virtual course on the building blocks of life


Introducing Visible Biology, Courseware’s newest component! In addition to our award-winning 3D anatomy and physiology content for instructors to use when creating lessons, labs, and assignments, we now offer interactive biology labs and assignments, as well as 15 AR/VR biology models.

What is the difference between Courseware and Web Suite?

Enhance student learning and engagement—no microscope needed!

Today’s students expect their learning tools to be as cutting-edge as the technology they use every day, which is why Visible Body Courseware engages students with visual and fully interactive content, putting them right in the middle of the learning experience.

The Visible Biology Courseware component allows students to:

  • Dive into biology topics by interacting with annotated 3D models of cells, plant structures, photosynthesis, and components of blood, DNA, and chromosomes. Our detailed glossary provides information about each labeled structure and its purpose.

  • Access every 3D model on any kind of device that has internet access. Students can take it a step further with their phones to interact with the models in augmented reality, which means learning can happen anywhere.

  • Apply their knowledge by working through in-depth and engaging biology lab activities created by the VB Editorial Team.

Measure student success with labs and assessments

The Visible Biology Courseware component is a virtual lab experience that instructors can use both in and out of the classroom. Our biology course provides instructors with tons of premade modules and content, but also gives instructors the power to edit the course to best fit their classes.

Included with the biology component are:

  • Hours of activities. Each set of lab activities will take students anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 hours to complete. These lab activities are broken up into 30-minute modular labs that can be used individually or grouped together. Currently, there are approximately 10 hours of interactive assignments and labs available.

  • Dazzling, interactive 3D models. 15+ AR biology models that include eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells, monocot and dicot plants, photosynthesis, DNA, chromosomes, and blood cells.

  • In-depth, structured topics. Each biology topic includes an overall introduction, learning goals, a structure ID assignment, a lab activity, and assessments that automatically report students’ scores to the built-in Gradebook.

Access wherever you are!

One of the major benefits of Visible Body Courseware is that there’s no software to install. The Courseware platform is accessed via the web on any device. Students can log in anywhere they have a wifi connection, whether they’re on or off campus.

Courseware is available on commonly-used devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, and Chromebooks. The platform can be accessed on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari web browsers.

COMING SOON! New features for Fall 2021

We have some amazing Courseware updates planned for Fall 2021, so you can bring your biology courses to the next level!

  • Selectable structures and definitions. Our 3D biology models will be available as assignments in Courseware. Highlighting a structure will bring up an info box with a definition, just like in our anatomy models.
  • New moving models
    • An updated photosynthesis model (showing water entering the roots of the plant, a new leaf growing, and arrows illustrating how molecules are moving)
    • Light-dependent and light-independent reactions in the chloroplast
    • DNA coiling (nucleosomes)
    • DNA supercoiling (chromatin)
  • New standard models
    • Molecular-level DNA
  • Additional quiz bank material. The quizzes from our premade biology courses, as well as additional biology quiz questions, will be available in the quiz and question banks, so you can customize them to your heart’s content!

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