Visible Biology Site License

A visual guide to biological concepts and processes


Introducing Visible Biology! Learn and teach biology in immersive 3D. Use simple controls to engage with interactive simulations. Study 3D models from multiple perspectives. Watch bite-sized 3D animations that explain big concepts.

Introduce biology topics in engaging 3D

  • Study the details in dozens of 3D models. Select structures to reveal pronunciations and descriptions of everything from molecules to organelles and plant tissues.
  • No microscope? No problem! Use the virtual microscope to study the components of blood.
  • Engage with an interactive 3D simulation that reveals the process of photosynthesis.
  • Use a 3D simulation to explore the connection between the structure of DNA and how DNA coils for storage in a chromosome.
  • Identify the similarities and differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
  • Compare the roots, stems, and leaves of monocot and dicot plants.

Motivate learning and assess students’ understanding with labs and quizzes

  • Use lesson plans to connect 3D models with learning goals and NGSS and state standards
  • Work through plant, genetics, and cells lab activities to identify and compare structures and apply knowledge to real-world scenarios
  • Ask students to use structure identification quizzes to assess their understanding

Explore interactive models and animations

Visible Biology includes over 24 interactive models and animations that help instructors teach and students learn

Types of cells

  • 3D models of bacterial, animal, and plant cells, and types of human blood cells

Cellular functions

  • Animations that explain active and passive transport and various types of cells in the human body


  • 3D simulations that coil DNA strands into nucleosomes, and then supercoil DNA into chromatin to fit inside a chromosome
  • Animations about mitosis, transcription and translation


  • 3D simulations showing photosynthesis in the plant and inside a chloroplast
  • 3D models of plant leaf and plant cell that show structures that carry out photosynthesis
  • Animation detailing cellular respiration

Visible Biology with Courseware

Courseware is Visible Body’s web-based teaching and learning platform. Use Visible Biology with Courseware to create assignments, assign quizzes, and track student learning.

  • Link the Visible Biology Site License to a Canvas or Blackboard course
  • Create interactive assignments and deliver multiple choice and structure identification quizzes, which report to a built-in gradebook
  • Build your own biology course or customize one of our premade courses to suit your needs
  • Use the gradebook to view a list of all students and their grades on each assignment, manage quiz accommodations, and export grades to another LMS
  • Access human body system content not available in the standalone Visible Biology Site License product

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