Visible Biology

A visual guide to biological concepts and processes

Learn and teach biology in immersive 3D. Use simple controls to engage with interactive simulations. Study 3D models from multiple perspectives. Dissect virtual animal models. Watch bite-sized 3D animations that explain big concepts.

Bring virtual animal dissection models into your lab

Study animal form and function, evolution, and animal diversity in a whole new way with Visible Body’s 3D virtual dissection models.

  • Use the Animal Structure and Function Unit to study the internal and external structures of the sea star, earthworm, frog, and pig.
  • Use the Evolution and Animal Diversity Unit to compare structures and systems across species and explore evolutionary relationships.

Virtual models are an affordable, sustainable replacement for expensive wet lab specimens.

  • The systems tray functionality lets students easily isolate specific body systems.
  • Students can complete dissection lab activities in class and reference those same models to study and complete assignments at home.

Integrate 3D models with your curriculum

  • Content units: Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells, Monocot and Dicot Plant Structure, Energy, Genetics, Blood Cells, Animal Form and Function, Evolution and Animal Diversity
  • Use lesson plans to connect 3D models with learning goals and NGSS and state standards
  • Study the details in dozens of 3D models. Select structures to reveal pronunciations and descriptions of everything from DNA and chromatin to organelles, cells, and plant tissues.
  • Use the virtual microscope to study the components of blood.
  • Engage with interactive 3D simulations of photosynthesis, cellular respiration, mitosis, meiosis, and DNA coiling and supercoiling
  • Dissect virtual animal models and compare structures and systems across species
  • Tips for teaching biology in 3D

Motivate learning and assess students’ understanding

Choose from our library of premade 3D Tours and Flashcards, or create your own presentations and decks to help students learn and review key concepts.

Free lab activities and interactive practice quizzes let students show what they know and measure their progress.

  • Work through lab activities to identify and compare structures and apply knowledge to real-world scenarios
  • Use structure identification quizzes to assess understanding and receive instant feedback

Create assignments, track grades, and integrate your LMS with Courseware

Courseware is Visible Body’s web-based teaching and learning platform. Use Visible Biology with Courseware to create assignments, assign quizzes, and track student learning.

  • Link Visible Biology to a Canvas or Blackboard course
  • Create interactive assignments and deliver multiple choice and structure identification quizzes, which report to a built-in gradebook
  • Build your own biology course or customize one of our premade courses to suit your needs
  • Use the gradebook to view a list of all students and their grades on each assignment, manage quiz accommodations, and export grades to another LMS

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For teachers and libraries

Instructors can build courses that use Visible Biology’s content to create assignments and assessments.

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Librarians can get a group subscription offering web access to Visible Biology for everyone at their institution.

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