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We've created thousands of interactive 3D models, animations, text presentations, encyclopedia definitions and produced 2 powerful apps that will help students succeed in their Anatomy and Physiology classes.

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A walkthrough of our two apps: A&P and Human Anatomy Atlas

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Q&A session to address and questions

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A plan on how to integrate Vsisble Body with your curriculum

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At the end of the 20-minute demo, you'll receive free trial codes for the 2 apps.

What You'll Learn:

During the personalized demo, you will discover the way Visible Body apps improve the way students see inside the human body through in-app quizzes and guided self-paced learning.

In addition, see how other professors are integrating Visible Body with their curriculum as lab, lecture and study tools.

Hundreds of colleges and universities currently utilize Visible Body in their A&P curriculum

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