Instructors and students tell all!

After the Fall 2020 semester wrapped up, we invited hundreds of instructors and thousands of students to tell us about their experiences using Visible Body Courseware. More than 820 students and nearly 150 instructors responded.


Here’s what the data showed:


Stats from Instructors

More than 120 instructors responded to our survey in December of 2020.


Percentage of instructors who would recommend Visible Body to other instructors, with an additional 10% potentially recommending it, depending on needs.

Instructors had high rates of satisfaction with the experience of using Visible Body in their course.

Excellent/very good/goodFair/poor

Implementation: getting Visible Body up and running

Training: learning to use Visible Body through written instructions, videos, office hours, and/or one-on-one support

Responsiveness: getting answers from reps, customer support, or administration

Content: having access to the educational content (e.g., models and animations) within Courseware

Features: having access to quizzes, gradebooks, and other tools within Courseware

Stats from Students

More than 800 students responded to our survey in December of 2020.


Percentage of students who would recommend Visible Body to other students studying A&P.

Of those surveyed, students reported that Visible Body was helpful in…


…learning anatomy through manipulating 3D models


…learning physiological concepts and processes by watching short animations


…keeping them engaged while studying on their own


…working through difficult concepts in bite-sized pieces

Overall, 9 out of 10 students feel that Visible Body is either a great replacement or a great accompaniment to a textbook.

"The Visible Body animations and models provided me with a great visual, interactive learning environment. For me, learning this way is better than reading the textbook."

"The Visible Body animations and models are a great companion to the textbook. I would ideally use both the textbook and Visible Body for the best learning experience."

"Compared to traditional materials, I didn’t think Visible Body was much of an improvement."

So, what’s the verdict?

Mind blowing experience. [Visible Body Courseware] is part of my teaching strategy. Rolling without it feels like going back to the Stone Age.

I thought it was the best possible investment for my education. This was phenomenal.

This was my second time taking an anatomy and physiology course. I found that Visible Body was a HUGE help and really added to the learning experience. Having a 3D model accessible at home, and being able to manipulate that model and see all of the bones and muscles from different points of views was extremely helpful. Visible Body definitely made learning much more easy and enjoyable!

I really could not have provided the students with anything close to the seated lab experience without Visible Body!! I will use it just as much when we get back to a traditional setting.

Thank you for such an easy, accessible, and interactive way to study anatomy! It was so helpful, especially for learning the bones.

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