Visible Body Suite

5 Tips to Get Started

Visible Body Suite

5 Tips to Get Started

Here are five steps to get you started with Visible Body Suite.

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Sign in to VB Suite

Once you link an email address with your school’s subscription, you can log in to the web version of VB Suite and use the mobile app from anywhere! Here's how to do that:

  • Connect to your school’s WiFi or log in through your school’s proxy
  • Visit the VB Suite page
  • Create a VB account or sign in with Google
For step-by-step instructions, see this support article. 
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Access anywhere

Once you’ve made an account, you are untethered from logging in through your school for about a semester (150 days)! That means you can use your login credentials from any computer with web access or from your preferred mobile devices. 

  • Create a shortcut on your computer to log in anytime:
  • Download the Android or iOS version of VB Suite to your phone and tablet:


  • Review this article for detailed system requirements. 
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Pick your language and favorite settings

The web and mobile versions of VB Suite offer settings to help you customize your experience. 


Here are a few highlights:

  • The software selects a language to display when you launch. You can always switch between languages from the settings menu without having to re-launch.
  • Choose between male and female anatomy models. You can always switch back and forth as you study.
  • Set accessibility preferences. The settings menu includes options for background colors, font sizes, mouse and keyboard controls, closed captioning, and some quality settings that can help performance on older mobile devices or when you have limited web bandwidth access.
  • Review this article for more details on accessibility and preferences options.
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Take a quick tour of our most used features

Visible Body Suite offers thousands of 3D models, animations, diagnostic images, and illustrations–it’s a huge database of visual assets that helps you see, understand, and explain life science concepts. This video gives a 90-second overview of how the home screen and search are organized.

For a more detailed overview of all the features in VB Suite, browse the Support Site.


Don't forget all the extra features

From the web dashboard or the home screen on the mobile app, you have access to lots of additional features.

  • Anatomy & Physiology (web only) is a step-by-step anatomy bootcamp for anyone who is going to start an A&P course or needs a refresher!
  • Visible Biology (web only) is a preview of just our biology content. This same biology content can be found alongside our anatomy content in the main VB Suite reference app on both web and mobile.

  • Check out the Alerts tab in VB Suite for recently added content and features.
  • Check out the web dashboard or the Spotlight section of the mobile app to get access to more life science content on our website, blog, and YouTube channel.
  • Sign up on the web dashboard to get product updates and news.
  • Follow our social media channels for additional content and bite-sized learning.


Access the support site or get in touch with us anytime!

You can also submit a ticket to our help desk here.