Visible Body Exhibited in Canada Science and Technology Museum

December 20, 2017 Visible Body’s groundbreaking Human Anatomy Atlas can now be seen and used at the newly reopened Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa.


Visible Body is included in the Medical Sensations exhibition, which explores the world of medicine through the five senses, and examines how human and technological sensations shape medical culture. Visitors are engaged in highly-interactive, sensorial experiences that illustrate how the human dimension of medical care continues to evolve with technological advances.


Human Anatomy Atlas exhibit at the Canada Science and Technology Museum

Visible Body’s Atlas is displayed on a large touch screen. Visitors can:

  • Rotate, zoom into, or dissect a 3D virtual human model of a male and female
  • Access detailed information and pronunciations on more than 6,000 structures, including major organs, nerves, arteries and veins, bones, and muscles
  • Study cross-sections from the 3D virtual female or male and compare with CT and MRI scans

All the anatomical information is accessible in both English and French.

The exhibit is the result of a year-long collaboration between the museum and the team at Visible Body. “We are so pleased that Visible Body contributed a large-scale interactive experience to our Medical Sensations exhibition,” said David Pantalony, Curator of the Museum’s Physical Sciences and Medicine collection. “Situated amidst a display of historical wax models, anatomical specimens, and imaging technologies, Visible Body represents the latest means for medical students and practitioners to learn about anatomy. Since the museum’s opening in November 2017, Visible Body has proven to be one of the more popular interactives for families, students, and medical professionals.”

Museum-goers interacting with a 3D model

Andrew Bowditch, CEO of Visible Body, said “Having our work displayed in the Medical Sensations exhibition is an honor. We’re delighted that visitors are able to try out our technology and view it alongside so many other remarkable examples of human ingenuity through history. Canada Science and Technology Museum is an important institution that will inspire the next generation of Canadian inventors, innovators, and creators.”


About Canada Science and Technology Museum

Canada Science and Technology Museum originally opened as a centennial project in 1967. After a three year, $80 million renovation, the museum celebrated its 50th anniversary in November by reopening as part of the Canada 150 celebrations. The museum’s 80,000 square foot space is home to 11 exhibitions and more than 29,000 displayed artifacts. A meeting point between past, present, and future, the museum explores the creativity and human ingenuity that drives scientific and technological discovery.

About Visible Body

Visible Body’s 3D anatomical models and animations of the human body make learning and teaching anatomy and physiology visual and engaging. We create apps that advance the way students learn and healthcare professionals practice. More than a million people have used our products over the web, on iPads, iPhones, Android devices, PCs, and Macs.

Visit our website to learn more about Visible Body apps. Visible Body’s commitment to anatomically accurate human biology visualizations, and more about using our apps for human biology high school curricula and university courses.