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Your lectures and labs can be conducted online with our engaging and fully interactive content and robust quiz engine.

In response to the growing urgency for high quality online resources, we’re offering faculty and students at accredited institutions* FREE access to Visible Body Courseware now through the rest of this semester (June 30, 2020).

*To obtain access, instructors at accredited institutions must request an instructor code. Students can ONLY get access from their instructor. Students are not eligible for free access by requesting an account directly from Visible Body.

Visible Body Courseware

Interactive assignments and lessons that engage your students' passion for anatomy and physiology.

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Follow these 5 easy steps to get students working on Courseware online assignments:

  1. Log in. Request an instructor code and log in at (Review the instructor account creation process.)
  2. Choose a course from our ready-made courses.
  3. Assign your first 1-2 week(s) of assignments. You can do this by creating your own assignments or selecting premade assignments you can publish for students as-is or edit and publish.
  4. Invite your students. Use the "invite people" link in the left menu of your Courseware course. (Explained in Step 3 of this article.) Share these instructions for creating an account with students and highlight that in Step 5 THEY MUST CHOOSE the "Start Trial" button. We've extended the usual two-week free trial to run through June 30th.
  5. As students join the course using the link you sent out, they will be added to your Courseware Gradebook. When you publish a graded assignment and a student takes that quiz, results are shown in the Gradebook. (Learn more about using the Gradebook.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Over a hundred schools have adopted Courseware and more than 20,000 students have learned using it! Here are links to the top frequently asked questions and more information on our extended trial:

  • Who is eligible for the current extended free access?

    We know these are unprecedented times for you and your students—the Visible Body team wants to help. We are offering faculty and students at accredited institutions FREE use of Visible Body Courseware to ensure your curricula and students’ studies stay on track. To obtain access, instructors at accredited institutions must request an instructor code. Students can ONLY get access from their instructor. Students are not eligible for free access by requesting an account directly from Visible Body.

  • Does this free student access include all the features of the full paid Courseware account?
    Students get full web access to Courseware. The extended free access does not include the mobile reference apps.
  • What other schools use Courseware and how?
    Visit our instructor testimonials page. Check out how UIC uses courses to deliver online dissection quizzing and how Metropolitan State improved A&P scores by a full letter grade. Visit this page to hear about customers’ experiences with our support team.
  • Will Courseware work on the computers my students have at home?
    Here are the system requirements for accessing Courseware over the web. Note: The mobile app requirements are for the reference apps. These are not included in the free trial/access that is running through June 30th.
  • Do you have resources to get my students started? Yes! Using Visible Body is fast and easy. Here are the first three steps to get students started:
    1. Create an account. Here is a video tutorial you can share with students about creating an extended free trial account:
    2. Learn to move the models. Here is a tutorial video on keyboard controls for zooming, rotating, and dissecting the 3d models.
    3. Submit a graded assignment. Here is a tutorial video on submitting a quiz that reports to the gradebook.
  • Can I trust that the content you provide is correct?
    Instructors like to know that we are dedicated to medical accuracy! Read all about Visible Body’s content creation process.
  • More questions? See our Courseware FAQ page!
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Free Student Resources!

Hey! We've created a lot of free resources to try and make teaching and learning more manageable.

  • Free lab activities! You don't have to pay big bucks for a lab manual. Check out our free lab content.
  • Study tips and employment facts to keep students motivated.
  • Like fun flash-cards, we have e-books that are ideal for short study bursts. Students can download these brief guides to their computers or phones. Check out our free A&P e-book library.
  • Need some reading assignments that are brief, visual, and engaging? Our blog and Learn Site have posts and articles loaded with images and videos.
  • Suggest your students follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep anatomy content in their news feed!
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