Enable a greater understanding of the human body and specific disease states



Visible Body’s 3D virtual human anatomy models, medical animations, teaching platforms, and mobile apps are so engaging and informative that industries like telemedicine, walk-in clinics, and pharmaceutical and medical device sales teams are growing increasingly dependent upon them. We want to help you create a smarter, more stimulating conversation with your audience.

Train your pharmaceutical and medical device teams

No matter where your sales reps are located, our Courseware learning platform can help your team learn anatomical structures and study disease vs. healthy states in 3D.

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Use in telehealth, telecare, and telemedicine communications

Our apps and video animations will engage and educate patients like never before, during and after the visit.

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Create more engaging in-person patient visits

Our 3D human anatomy will enhance your 1:1 conversations, educate patients, and bring your digital screens in the waiting room to life.

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Choose the apps that best fit your business or institution

Visible Body offers a suite of products, from general reference to specific learning products for students, physical therapists, nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals.


Human Anatomy Atlas

Our flagship, award-winning bestselling 3D Atlas of the Human body

Muscle Premium

Used by orthopedic specialists, kinesiologists, physical therapists, and others learning or teaching about muscles and bones

Anatomy & Physiology

Designed to follow the curriculum of an introduction anatomy and physiology course

Physiology and Pathology

An interactive guide to core processes and common diseases of the human body.


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