Visible Body Releases 3D, Dissectible Pig Model

Visible Body is excited to release a new, fully dissectible 3D pig model as part of Visible Biology. With this release, students and instructors will be able to explore pig anatomy from head to tail.

Visible Biology, the company’s flagship product for general biology, is a visual guide to biological concepts and processes. Its 3D model library covers prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, monocot and dicot plant structure, energy, genetics, and blood cells—plus, students can explore vertebrate and invertebrate anatomy without extra equipment or cleanup.


“Because of limited lab time and the rising cost of wet specimens, instructors have told us that they need new ways to teach animal form and function that will capture their students’ attention and keep them engaged. We are excited to add the pig to Visible Biology’s 3D library, which includes frog, earthworm, and sea star models,” said Andrew Bowditch, Visible Body’s CEO. 

The new pig model is fully interactive: zoom, rotate, and click to see how different organs and systems fit together. Clicking on a structure allows the user to add a tag or learn more about it through the information box. The model is fully annotatable; the user can add notes, drawings, arrows, and shapes and save their annotations to study later. Users can also create custom Flashcard Decks and Tours using the pig model. 

This dissection lab solution requires no prep, no cleanup, and no need to handle specimens. Using the Hide tool, students can simulate a dissection and examine structures and systems. Students have structure names, definitions, and pronunciations at their fingertips as they examine pig anatomy, and Flashcards and Tours make studying more interactive.

“The reviewers are really excited about how thorough our pig model is. It shows all the body systems and gives students more than they can get from a dissection. In dissection labs, it's easy for students to accidentally cut through structures they're trying to observe. Having a virtual dissection model is safer, cleaner, and cheaper than doing an in-class dissection,” said Adrienne Devlin, Executive Editor at Visible Body. 

“As an animal lover, I'm excited to give the market an alternative solution to in-class dissections. I wish I had a resource like this when I was in school!”

The pig model is the newest addition to the Animal Structure and Function and Animal Diversity units in Visible Biology, a series of views that makes it easy to compare and contrast different systems and structures across the pig, frog, earthworm, and sea star models.

The pig model will soon be available to assign to students in Courseware, Visible Body’s online teaching and learning platform that can be used as a standalone LMS or integrated with Blackboard or Canvas. 

pig-systems-trayWith systems tray feature in Visible Biology, you can remove or add entire systems with a click.

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