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Skeleton Premium

A fully interactive, real 3D skeleton model

Take a deep dive into the human skeletal system. This app includes models of hundreds of bones and ligaments, including over 800 bony landmarks. Includes moving models of synovial joints. Review the location of bony landmarks in true 3D on any bone, and from any angle or zoom level. Read definitions, listen to pronunciations, and take quizzes.

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The bones of the skull and definition of the occipital bone

View 3D models of bones, bony landmarks, and joints

Fully interactive, real 3D skeleton model comprised of over 200 bones and hundreds of ligaments, plus 3D moving models of joint types and cross-sections of bone.

Animation of Plantar Fasciitis

View a gallery of animations and illustrations

Watch animations and review illustrations to learn or teach about cross-system anatomy and common pathologies. Animations include: burst fracture, osteoporosis, and plantar fasciitis. Illustrations include: auditory ossicles, fetal skull, and carpal tunnel region.

"If you’re looking for an A, not a B-plus, Skeleton Premium is what you need to get you there. It’s going to make that difference."

"I use Skeleton Premium as a visual tool for patients so they understand what I am explaining to them."

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