Skeleton Premium

A comprehensive reference and visualization of the human skeletal system

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Take a deep dive into the skeletal system: bones, ligaments, bony landmarks, synovial joints, bone tissue, pathologies, and more

3D models of hundreds of bones and ligaments, including over 800 bony landmarks

Moving models of synovial joints

Animations, illustrations, and 3D models explaining anatomy, pathologies, and bone tissue

Encyclopedic reference information about the skeletal system

  • Every bone in the human body is modeled, defined, and provided with its pronunciation
  • Over 800 bony landmarks are identified, mapped, and labeled with information on the nerve and vasculature passage or muscle attachments
  • Brief animations and illustrations explain cross-system anatomy and common pathologies
Skeleton Premium displaying S01-05 Sacrum and Landmarks

A highly visual way to teach, learn, and review the skeletal system

  • Rotate, zoom into, and dissect 3D skeletal models to study bones and ligaments from any angle in any combination
  • Create your own saved views. Annotate images and save them or share them with others
  • Take 3D model-based quizzes with over 500 questions
Skeleton Premium displaying the hip joint

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