Skeleton Premium

A 3D atlas of the human skeleton

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Take a deep dive into the skeletal system: bones, ligaments, bony landmarks, synovial joints, bone tissue, pathologies, and more

Hundreds of 3D models. Includes bones, ligaments, and moving models of synovial joints

800+ bony landmarks detail key information

Animations and illustrations present anatomy and pathologies

Encyclopedic reference information about the skeletal system

  • Select a bone or ligament 3D model and access definitions and pronunciations
  • Access detailed 3D bone models that show 800+ bony landmarks and include information about nerve and vasculature passage, and muscle attachments
  • Watch brief animations and review illustrations that present cross-system anatomy and common pathologies
Skeleton Premium showing 3D view of landmarks of sacrum

A highly visual way to teach, learn, and review the skeletal system

  • Rotate, zoom into, and dissect 3D skeletal models to study bones and ligaments from any angle in any combination
  • Create your own saved views. Annotate images and save them or share them with others
  • Take 3D model-based quizzes with over 500 questions
Skeleton Premium displaying 3D view of hip joint

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