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A great mobile resource from the trusted leader in emergency reference information

Calculators offer a guide to simple conversions, burn formulas (ABA and Parkland), BSA/BMI, and Emergency Meds and IV drip rates

Interactive tables provide fast access to information about pediatric normal vital signs, resuscitation, airway management, and medications

Tools allow for tabulating scores for pediatric trauma, Glasgow Coma, Apgar, and the NIH stroke scale

Content Includes:

  • Coverage of the 2015 ECC and CPR Guidelines
  • Current ACLS algorithms
  • Emergency airway management (King LT, Ventilator guides, Rapid sequence intubation, Laryngeal mask)
  • Guidelines for neurological and trauma emergency interventions
  • Updated common emergency medications with information on primary indications, contraindications, common side effects, and dosages (including pediatric)
  • Common poisons with information on toxic side effects, primary cautions, and prehospital care
  • List of commonly used drugs and tables of often-ordered labs with range of outcomes
Informed's Emergency & Critical Care Guide shows what CT scans with brain injuries look like

Features allow for quick, convenient, wireless access

  • Tap and scroll to quickly access a wealth of content, or use the quick search tool
  • Rearrange the tiles on the home screen, add and save notes, and bookmark most-frequently used content to quickly access the information you need most
  • Change the font sizes and switch to night/low light mode to adjust legibility
  • Use the tables, tools, calculators, and score assessments as fast reference
Informed's Emergency & Critical Care Guide contains burn formula calculators

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