My Incredible Body

An interactive anatomy app that is medically accurate and fun for kids

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Play and learn by exploring inside life-like human anatomy models

Immersive 3D models take kids inside the body to see and identify organs and learn how the body works.

Kids can investigate how muscles move bones, the brain sends and receives messages, food moves from the mouth into the stomach and intestines, and more.

Appeals to kids' curiosity with interactive and educational 3D visuals

  • Use your fingertips or your mouse to see inside the human body and virtually dissect 3D models.
  • Listen to fun science facts: What's the busiest muscle in your body? Where does food go after you eat it?
  • Take rocket rides through the different body systems: experience how blood flows and what your lungs look like when you breathe.
  • Watch short animations about your body’s functions; take a quiz and see what you’ve learned.

My Incredible Body showing digestive system anatomy

Winner of a Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award and earned "Best App for Teaching & Learning" from the American Association of School Librarians

  • "Outstanding illustrations, excellent narration, and relatively simple text keep readers engaged throughout." – Kirkus Review
  • "The 3D animated videos, virtual tours, and excellent narration make for an immersive experience that is both exciting and stimulating." –
  • "A wealth of anatomical information that is relatively easy to grasp…Every single section has multiple ways to present the educational content, and it’s engaging to the point of remembering what’s offered." –
  • Featured as Best New App – Apple

Engaging animations and illustrations helped My Incredible Body win a Parents' Choice award for teaching anatomy

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