Anatomy & Function

A visual and interactive reference with 3D models and animations that communicate anatomy, physiology, and common conditions

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Hundreds of interactive presentations that review anatomy and basic human body functions

Over 150 animations and illustrations; 500+ views of 3D models that can be rotated, zoomed and dissected

Browse and search by body system or function

Designed to facilitate point of care conversations quickly, easily, and visually

Anatomy and Function showing illustration of innate immunity with description

A wealth of health information presented visually and interactively

  • Watch short animations that communicate physiological processes and common conditions
  • Rotate, zoom into, or dissect 3D models to explain anatomy and relationships
  • Reference definitions and audio pronunciations for thousands of anatomical structures
Anatomy & Function showing 3D view of gall bladder with user notecards

Communicate anatomy and physiological processes with patients or peers

  • Create a library of Favorites with 3D models, illustrations, and animations
  • Draw, add labels and text to the images on screen to adapt content to your needs
  • Save customized content to your library, or share with peers or patients by email
  • Locate content quickly with the robust search function

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