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"A complete, fully interactive 3D rendering of the human body that may one day replace traditional anatomy texts." - iMedicalApps
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Atlas Preview Human Anatomy Atlas Our best-selling and award-winning human anatomy general reference. Includes thousands of 3D models of the male and female body. Used by healthcare professionals, patients, and students. Learn More
Muscle Premium icon Muscle Premium This app is ideal for orthopedic specialists, practitioners of sports medicine, physical therapists, and other professionals, or students. Presents an in-depth understanding of muscle attachments and actions. Learn More
Anatomy & Physiology icon Anatomy & Physiology An app that visually and interactively engages students in the core concepts of an undergraduate A&P course. This app offers a basic understanding of the human body. Learn More
My Incredible Body icon Anatomy for Kids Winner of the Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award. This app for the iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, or Mac lets kids explore human anatomy and understand basic body functions. Learn More
Anatomy & Function icon Anatomy & Function An app that visually and interactively facilitates patient education and communication. This app includes 3D models of human body systems and animations and illustrations that help quickly explain how the body works. Learn More
Skeleton Premium icon Skeleton Premium A 3D interactive dive into the skeleton of the human body Learn More
Phsyiology Animations icon Physiology Animations An app with animations that illustrate physiological processes Learn More
Circulatory Premium icon Heart & Circulatory Premium A 3D interactive dive into the heart, arteries, & veins of the human body Learn More