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Visible Body's A&P Course Pack

The Visible Body A&P Course Pack provides students with two great apps—one for homework and one for lab review. The pack also includes a course management tool that professors use to assign homework and quizzes, and oversee students' performance.


What's in Visible Body's A&P Course Pack?

Anatomy & Physiology

Put this app in students' hands and watch them use their computers and phones to immerse themselves in your course content! The app is an interactive textbook that uses 3D models to present human anatomy. With an on-screen tap or a click of a mouse, students can move the models to rotate, zoom, dissect, or add anatomy. Brief animations visually introduce complex physiology. Bite-sized text presentations and self-paced quizzing bring anatomy and function together. The app includes 50 chapters that move students through curated, step-by-step lessons created by anatomy experts and reviewed by professors.

Human Anatomy Atlas

Give students our award-winning bestselling 3D atlas of the human body! They'll use this app during your dissection lab and to memorize structures once they've left the lab. The app includes complete gross anatomy of the male and female (more than 6,000 structures!) and a robust dissection quiz feature ideal for learning anatomy. All the models are in 3D; with an on-screen tap or a click of a mouse, students can move the models to rotate, zoom, dissect, or add anatomy. Students can also select any structure to access encyclopedic definitions, common disease descriptions, and pronunciations.

Learning Management System (LMS) Quiz Link

Want to check that your students are mastering their homework? Use the LMS Quiz Link to create assignments. You can assign lessons from the A&P app as well as quizzes that report students' scores back to your gradebook in Canvas or Blackboard.

How Anatomy & Physiology Courses use the Visible Body A&P Course Pack

Adoption and Price

Students pay $55 and get yearlong access to the LMS Quiz link for the course. They also get two mobile apps to install on their phones or tablets and own forever (Anatomy & Physiology and Human Anatomy Atlas). Contact your rep to learn more about our reasonably priced technology solutions for your anatomy & physiology course.

Rely on the Visible Body A&P Course Pack to provide course management for instructors and content for students that is reasonably priced! Our apps can be paired with the traditional textbooks and OpenStax or similar OER solutions. See our detailed correlation guide.


Use the A&P app instead of, or alongside, a textbook. We offer a detailed instructors' manual and a correlation guide to Marieb, Open Stax, Martini, and more.

Use the A&P app to help students organize their learning outside the classroom. Watch how the app supports paced learning.

Use the Atlas app for lab assignments, whether students are in the lab or studying from home. Watch a heart dissection lab.

Use the LMS Quiz Link to assign specific lessons from the A&P app or assign quizzes that report scores right into your Canvas or Blackboard gradebook. Sign up for a trial.


Work through a unit of the A&P app on a Mac or PC, or on your Android device, iPad or iPhone. Learn anywhere and whenever. Watch an app demo.

Use Human Anatomy Atlas in anatomy lab and to memorize structures. Watch a dissection quiz demo or a quick demo of the Atlas app.



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