Your library has a subscription to Visible Body Suite

VB Suite gives you all the visual and interactive content you need to understand the life sciences. Use the links below to access information about the system requirements and content in each app.

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VB Suite

The most complete and easy-to-use 3D human anatomy reference and study tool. Includes an Augmented Reality feature on Apple and Android mobile devices.

Visible Biology App Icon

Visible Biology

A visual guide to biological concepts and processes. Engage with interactive simulations, study 3D models from multiple perspectives, and watch bite-sized 3D animations.

Anatomy & Physiology App Icon

Anatomy & Physiology

Study the human body at your own pace using our premade A&P course containing 50 visual, interactive chapters.

Muscle Premium

A detailed guide to understanding how muscles and bones interact and how common injuries and conditions occur.

Physiology Animations App Icon

Physiology Animations

A video reference atlas with 3D animations that illustrate body system functions communicating core physiological processes & common conditions.

How to access Visible Body Suite

Accessing web apps on and off campus

  • Proxy access is for anyone off-campus or not in the IP range of the institution’s network. IP range setup is for anyone on-campus and logged in to your institution’s network. The steps to sign up, create an account, and start using VB Suite through either method can be found in this article.
  • Once an account has been set up through the institution's proxy or network, VB Suite can be accessed from any computer at
  • Students, Faculty, and Staff can also use the Google account associated with their institution to log in quickly and easily to VB Suite. Learn more here.

Downloading VB Suite to a mobile device

  • Follow these five easy steps to install VB Suite on your mobile device.
    1. Sign in to VB Suite at
    2. Next to the VB Suite launch button, select the "Get Mobile App" button.
    3. Email yourself the link to your phone or tablet.
    4. Depending on the device you're using, download the iOS or Android App.
    5. If you created your account with Visible Body, sign in with your VB Suite credentials and get started. If you created your account using Google, create a password here. Then use your Gmail and new password to sign in.
  • Learn more about mobile downloads using VB Suite here.

Key features and resources for students and instructors


3D models and simulations

Explore and dissect full 3D models of the human body, earthworm, and sea star. Interact with simulations of key processes.

Watch tutorial



Access hundreds of free visual and interactive Flashcard decks that cover key course topics or create your own Flashcard decks and share with friends.

Watch tutorial

Download premade decks


3D Tours

Make interactive 3D presentations that link sets of models to explain and review a topic. Label structures with tags, notes, and 3D drawings.

Watch tutorial

Download premade tours


Lab activities

Correlate your curriculum with Visible Body’s 3D interactive models and animations using our free lab activities and lesson plans.

Access lab activities


Augmented reality

View and dissect fully interactive 3D models in augmented reality (AR) using VB Suite on an Android or iOS mobile device.

Watch tutorial

Download free AR worksheets

Troubleshooting and FAQs