Visible Body Releases Immersive Assignments Beta

Visible Body is committed to student and instructor success, so we are constantly working on improvements and new features for our products. Expert feedback is an important part of our process, which is why we’re excited to announce a beta test for a new feature in Courseware: immersive assignments. 

Visible Body’s massive visual library of 3D models, animations, and simulations is used to create innovative course content and study tools such as interactive quizzes, virtual dissections, and flashcards. Visible Body Courseware is a robust LMS platform that uses these stunning visuals to make teaching and learning easy—Courseware can be used as a standalone LMS or it can be integrated with a number of other LMS platforms. 

Immersive assignments are a new way to use amazing visual assets in the classroom!


Immersive assignments tailored to your course

With immersive assignments, instructors can create a sequence of 3D views, illustrations, animations, and quizzes that keep students engaged and focused. You can add custom instructions for each activity. Immersive assignments create an “on the rails,” distraction-free online environment where students can move seamlessly through activities. 

IA-muscleWith immersive assignments, students stay focused on the task at hand. 

Premade assignments designed by our expert team are coming soon! Keep an eye out for new premade courses and assignments here

In the meantime, immersive assignments are easy to make—just search for what content you need and click to add it to your assignment. Write instructions for each 3D view, animation, or simulation to tailor the content to your classroom. 


Building immersive assignments is easy and intuitive!

The 3D models allow students to follow their curiosity and explore anatomy, physiology, and biology, while the instructions and sequence of activities make sure each student stays on task to achieve learning objectives. Students can work at their own pace, and immersive assignments can be used for a variety of purposes, including introducing a topic, homework, and review. 

By adding short quizzes between views, you can check your students’ understanding of key points. When students take a quiz, their grades are automatically logged into the gradebook! In addition to grades, instructors can use the gradebook to see how long each student spent working on the assignment. With these tools, instructors can make sure that every student is on track. 

The ABCs of beta testing

A beta test is when users try out a new feature or piece of software before it's officially released to the public. By participating in the beta and experiencing immersive assignments for yourself, you can provide feedback and data that may result in changes to the final product. 


Students move seamlessly from learning to quizzing. 

You might love participating in the immersive assignments beta if you…

  • Teach A&P, biology, or a related course
  • Want to invigorate your course with interactive 3D models and animations
  • Want your students to stay engaged as they work through online lessons
  • Want to brag to your friends and colleagues about how you’re part of the future of life sciences education

If you’re interested in joining the immersive assignments beta, you'll first need a Courseware account. You can sign up for a free Courseware instructor trial here!

Here's how to access immersive assignments from your Courseware account:

  1. Click on the Resource Center button (the question mark icon in the top right part of the screen)
  2. Click on New Assignments Beta
  3. Click Manage Beta Options
  4. Toggle the immersive assignments button 

Voila! Now you can add immersive assignments to your courses.

Coming soon to Courseware

Many new features are coming, including more LMS integration and a bank of premade immersive assignments ready to be customized and added to your course! We’re excited about the future of Courseware, and we hope you are, too. 

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