Visible Body Debuts New Features at Bett UK

The Visible Body team hopped across the pond to London to debut new features at the biggest education technology exhibition in the world: Bett UK. This year, Bett boasted over 30,000 attendees from over 130 countries! The Visible Body booth turned heads and got people talking about our new features and stunning 3D models. 

These new and improved features in Courseware and VB Suite allow educators to engage more students in the life sciences. 

Immersive assignments

With immersive assignments in Courseware, Visible Body has reimagined the way students complete assignments for A&P and biology classes. Immersive assignments create an “on the rails,” distraction-free online environment: students seamlessly move through a sequence of 3D views, illustrations, animations, and quizzes that keep them engaged and focused. Each activity comes with customizable instructions that keep students on task. 


Students and instructors love using Flashcards to review information, and it’s now easier to create and share study content. The My Library and Study menus are now searchable, so you can find the perfect Flashcard Deck in seconds. We’ve also made it easier to save individual cards from a shared Deck, and drawings on Flashcards can be copied to the other side. Want to try it for yourself? Check out our library of free, premade Flashcard Decks!


With the new Listen button and Flashcard keyboard command feature, VB Suite is accessible to even more students. The Listen button uses text to speech technology to read aloud definitions, common conditions, and preset view information in VB Suite. When studying with Flashcards, users can now use keyboard commands to navigate through a Deck. 

LMS integrations

You can use Visible Body Courseware from within your institution’s LMS! In addition to Blackboard and Canvas, Courseware integration is available for D2L, Moodle, Schoology, and Sakai. 

Here at Visible Body, we’re excited about these new features and for the new content on the horizon in 2024. Check out these new features for yourself—fill out this form for a free instructor trial of Courseware!

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