How Visible Body Is Expanding Access to Life Sciences Education

Visible Body is dedicated to helping users teach and learn anatomy, physiology, and biology in engaging 3D. Over the years, we’ve expanded access to quality educational content—in this blog post, you’ll get a peek behind the scenes as we discuss those initiatives!

Available in seven languages

Visible Body Suite, Visible Body’s flagship app, comes with seven different language options. 

For over a decade, we have made it easy for healthcare professionals and instructors or students to learn and communicate in numerous languages.

To switch between languages, you don’t need a separate app, and you don’t need to relaunch the product. With a couple clicks, it’s easy to switch between languages. This means that a student can read a definition in their native language, and an ER doctor can better communicate with a patient!

changing-languageSwitching languages in VB Suite.

Creating diverse models 

Our roots are in educational publishing, and our team constantly works with instructors and pedagogy experts to create meaningful visual learning tools. Our first products featured both a male and female model, and we quickly expanded, adapting our content to work for not just medical students, but undergraduates, nursing students, physical therapists, and more. 

Over the last few years, we’ve stepped up our initiative to show more diversity in our models. One important part of that initiative is our expanded skin segment microanatomy models—VB Suite now features models of dark and light pigmentation as well as straight and curly hair. 


A skin microanatomy model in VB Suite.

Currently, our team is hard at work focusing on common anatomical variations. Most anatomy textbooks and 3D software show common, idealized internal anatomy. However, variations are common, and body types and anatomy can vary over time. If you are an instructor interested in helping this evolving project, email us at support@visible 

Availability across devices and platforms

You can access Visible Body products through the web, iOS, and Android. Visible Body can also be accessed on Chromebooks and on computers with older operating systems. 


VB Suite's mobile app. 

We use analytics to determine the devices our customers actually use. We love rolling out features that map to the newest and greatest innovations, but we also understand that our customers keep their computers and mobile devices for a number of years and that many students and schools use older technology. We want their experience of our products to be just as great and pride ourselves on supporting newer and older devices.

Accessibility features

We’ve rolled out several accessibility features so more users have access to 3D learning. These features expand the ways users can interact with the product, and they include: 

  • Closed captioning on videos
  • The Listen button, which uses text to speech technology to read definitions, common conditions, and preset view text aloud
  • Keyboard controls that help users navigate 3D models
  • Adjustable font size and background colors

These features make it easier for all users to learn in 3D!

Free learning resources 

We want everyone to learn the life sciences with bite-sized 3D lessons, even if you don’t want to buy a subscription or do not yet have the resources. 

Over six years ago, the team at Visible Body started rolling out a series of basic visual, bite-sized A&P lessons on our website. Now, our free Learn Site includes biology lessons as well!

We love our community!

We are proud to have over a million users worldwide! In addition to individuals who use our apps for studying, reference, and patient communication, over a thousand schools around the globe use Visible Body products to teach the next generation. We’re also proud to partner with companies like Google and Apple to produce innovations that help more people learn. 

Here at Visible Body, we’re working hard to roll out more features and models that will connect more people to a lifetime of learning. We’re creating an exciting future for life sciences education, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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