4 Ways Curriculum Managers Use Courseware

Courseware is Visible Body’s teaching and learning platform that comes loaded with VB Suite, a robust library of visual and interactive content for the life sciences.

In addition to its signature library of interactive 3D models, teachers and students love Visible Body Courseware's flexible lecture, quizzing, and study features—and curriculum managers love that Courseware has the tools and resources they need to make sure learning objectives and standards are met.

Let’s look at five ways curriculum managers use Courseware to roll out high-quality courses!

Utilize premade curriculum content

When it comes to creating a course, starting from scratch is a daunting task, but course designers use Visible Body’s library of premade content as building blocks to create an engaging course without sacrificing time and effort. 

You can choose lessons and assessments from Courseware's bank of immersive premade assignments. Immersive assignments create an “on the rails,” distraction-free online environment where students can move seamlessly through activities. 


Immersive assignment in Courseware

Our premade content is developed by our Education Team and instructors, designed to fit how courses are actually taught. All premade content can be easily customized to fit your district, school, and students’ needs. 

Visible Body’s premade content also includes: 

  • Courses
  • Lab activities 
  • Flashcard Decks
  • Tours
  • Quizzes 

Visible Body’s premade biology lab activities each come with a list of state standard correlations. We list the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) as well as the standards for the three largest states for education: Florida, Texas, and California. Between the NGSS, Florida, Texas, and California standards, you’ll be able to find material that connects to your state’s standards!


Explore the structure of DNA with VB Suite, included in Courseware

Use the technology you have

Courseware can be used on a variety of different devices—you don’t need to purchase special equipment to reap the benefits of visual learning.

A browser-based app, Courseware works with Chrome, Safari, and Edge. You can access Courseware from many computers, including some older operating systems and Chromebooks. For more details on Courseware system requirements, click here

Because it's browser-based, Courseware is accessible from other devices that use our supported browsers, including interactive displays like ClearTouch, View Sonic, Smart Board, and Promethean Board displays. You can even access Courseware and VB Suite on an Anatomage Table! 

Courseware also comes with access to the VB Suite mobile app. Students with VB Suite on tablets or phones can use the augmented reality function to interact with content in a new way. 

The VB Suite mobile app is an excellent study tool for studying on the go!


VB Suite mobile app on phone and tablet.  

Courseware can be integrated with Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, Moodle, Schoology, and Sakai! That means it’s even easier for students to access Courseware. With a couple clicks, instructors can export grades from Courseware and upload them to your district’s LMS. If your district uses Canvas, Canvas deep integration will automatically sync Courseware’s gradebook with Canvas’, no exporting required. 

Get hands-on without the hassle

Classrooms use Courseware both as a complement (or even replacement!) for traditional 2D textbooks and as a lab solution. 

The rich, detailed 3D models that come loaded in Courseware help students visualize tough concepts. Students use visuospatial processing to manipulate and explore models in 3D, allowing them to get tactile without the tools, preparation, and cleanup associated with traditional lab work. 


Dissect a frog, pig, sea star, and earthworm with Courseware

With Courseware, students can get granular as they examine structures in a red blood cell, get a better grasp of biomechanics through muscle actions, and even simulate a dissection lab with invertebrate and vertebrate animal models and with the gross anatomy lab views for human anatomy. 

Classes can replace or enhance the lab experience, saving time and resources! 

Oversee learning 

Through the Admin role in Courseware, curriculum managers and other administrators have the power to provide oversight and guidance. With the Admin role, you can manage:

  • Roles
  • Permissions and access to assignments, gradebook, and other areas
  • Courses, including adjusting and assigning users and changing course ownership in addition to copying, archiving, and editing courses

To put it simply, an Admin can build a course, create copies, and assign instructors to teach them. Then, they can provide oversight as the course is taught. This ensures that all courses meet the same standards! 

Bring Courseware to your district!

Over 1,000 schools currently use Visible Body products to enhance student learning and engagement. To bring Courseware to your district or to learn more, fill out this quick form and a member of our team will reach out!

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