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iOS devices displaying Muscle Premium
3d model of muscles and nerves of pelvic girdle and lumbar spine A closer look at the psoas major, and local nerves
3d model of Osteoarthritis in knee joint and patella pathology overview A comparison of healthy, and arthritic knee cartilage

What is it?

Muscle Premium is a 3D interactive dive into the muscles of the human body. It is ideal for students, instructors, and healthcare professionals who seek to learn, review, or communicate in-depth information about muscles, their attachments and actions.

What does it include?

  • 3D Atlas section that is fully interactive and includes 600+ muscles, 200+ bones, hundreds of peripheral nerves, ligaments, and bursae
  • Dozens of 3D models that show common pathologies and conditions
  • Pronunciations and definitions for all structures, including details on blood supply and innervation
  • 3D Atlas section is enhanced by over 1,000 pins and a painted skeleton that reveal points and surface areas of muscle attachments
  • Muscle Actions section with hundreds of moving muscles organized into dozens of common actions
  • Quiz section with 50 quizzes and 465 questions

System Requirements

  • Works on iPad 2 and above, and iPhone 4S and above
  • Compatible with iOS 7 and above

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