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Partner with Visible Body to extend your brand. We create customized and branded versions of our top-selling 3D anatomy and physiology apps for many of the world's top pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and educational publishing companies.

Custom Apps for Your Clinicians

Offer a leave-behind like they've never seen: A branded version of a Visible Body app will delight your physicians. In a recent study, over 80% of physicians found patient educational tools to be a useful offer from pharma reps. And tablet usage amongst clinicians is climbing every year. Branded apps reinforce your message and keep your name on their mind.

Custom Apps for Your Salesforce Training

Studies show that interactivity enhances learning and improves knowledge retention. Visible Body's 3D apps offer a visually stunning reference to train your new hires and refresh the knowledge of your veteran reps. The content is comprehensive, the 3D environment is lab-like, and the apps' presentation of content is visually stunning and mobile.

What People Say About Visible Body Apps

  • iMedical Apps, Best App 2012: "There can only be one top app which combines all of the essential functions: content, ease of use, quality of anatomical illustrations and overall benefit to practicing physicians. This is Visible Body."
  • "The unique 3D approach used by the Visible Body® gives physicians and educators the ability to visually demonstrate and explain how the body works to their patients or students in a way that is easily understandable." - Edward G. Buckley, MD, Professor Ophthalmology and Pediatrics and Interim Vice Dean for Medical Education, Duke University Medical School
  • "The 3D models offer unparalleled detail that allows me to see structures that other diagrams cannot show." - Student user
  • "The 3D visuals and videos are so helpful! I am mostly a visual learner, so being able to really see the structures and processes that we discuss helps me with memorization." - Student user
  • Awards from the Association of Medical Illustrators include: