Human Anatomy Atlas for Android

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Human Anatomy Atlas in Android devices
3d view of liver in the abdominal region Location of liver in the chest cavity
3d view of kidney Annotate views with notecards
Origins and Insertions, Iliacus in 3d In-app purchases: detailed information on muscles and bones
Eyeball and ciliary muscle in 3d Watch the tutorial.

What is it?

Visible Body's Human Anatomy Atlas is the best-selling, most anatomically accurate, 3D atlas of the male and female human body. It is created by anatomy visualization experts and reviewed by anatomists and healthcare professionals. More colleges and universities teach with Human Anatomy Atlas than any other 3D atlas.

What's in Human Anatomy Atlas:

  • Male and female 3D models, each with 4,600+ structures
  • Microanatomy 3D models, including eye, ear, skin, and tongue
  • 3D animations: Patient education videos that explain normal functions and common ailments such as heart disease, digestive disorders, and tissue repair
  • 1,200+ quiz questions

3D models include encyclopedic reference information:

  • Structure name, Latin name, and anatomical grouping
  • Detailed definitions
  • Descriptions of common injuries, diseases, and pathologies

The user interface is powerful and simple to use:

  • Pick from dozens of popular views or make your own.
  • Use one or two taps to access reference information or edit a view to add entire systems, groups, or individual structures.
  • Create a library of favorites, annotate images, share views or screenshots.

Additional in-app purchases:

  • 3D animated models of muscle actions and maps and pins that detail origin and insertion points for muscles
  • 3D models of bony landmarks with additional reference text that details features
  • 90+ additional patient education animations

Hardware Requirements

  • 1 GHz processor or higher
  • 512 MB RAM or higher
  • 480 x 800 pixel display or larger

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Dr. Beatty explains gallstones with Human Anatomy Atlas
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