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A&P "The app is amazing! The 3D perspective really brings the human body to life."
-- Student user
Anatomy & Physiology was developed in conjunction with instructors and students across the United States who were actively involved in the undergraduate anatomy & physiology course required of many students pursuing allied health related studies. Over 500 students at 20 institutions participated in reviewing or class testing A&P during the product's development.

About the students

All the student testers were enrolled in undergraduate A&P courses at two-year and four-year colleges across the United States.

  • Students used a prototype of Visible Body Anatomy & Physiology to study one full body system that correlated to a unit in their course.
  • Some professors asked students to study the content in Anatomy & Physiology before coming to lecture or lab. Others asked students to use the app while studying for the test on a specific unit.
  • Students used the other materials assigned in the course (texbooks, media supplements like Anatomy Revealed or Mastering A&P, lab manuals, and course handouts) in conjunction with the app.
  • At the end of the course's presentation of the unit, students provided feedback by taking an online survey.

About the class test goals

The class test project had three goals:

  • Offer students the beta version of a visual and interactive product that communicates the course content
  • Ask students to compare the effectiveness of that product to materials currently purchased (textbook, lab manual, or media supplement ) for the course in which they were enrolled
  • Enable Visible Body to assess and adjust the content in Anatomy & Physiology to create a product that reflects the needs of today's students

Students were asked a series of questions designed to gauge:

  • Their initial impression of the product
  • How it would impact their learning
  • If they would find it more useful than other materials they were asked to purchase
  • What improvements and ideas they had about content, functionality, and price

Survey results

The survey was completed by 469 students.

What students said about how the product would impact learning the core content in the course:

  • 79% said the animations would help them better understand physiological processes.
  • 85% said the models would help make it easier for them to visualize anatomical structures.
  • 58.6% said they would be likely to have a better final grade in their A&P course.

"I think this is INCREDIBLE. I'm such a visual person. Having a sequence I can click on, watch, interact with, and then quiz myself on, is priceless."

How the product compares to other materials (textbooks, lab manuals, online media) students are asked to purchase

  • 46% percent of students said learning using animations and 3D models was better than reading their textbook.
  • Over 50% of respondents said the app's animations and 3D models are a great companion to the textbook.

"I have only opened the textbook I purchased a handful of times because the reading is so boring and doesn't seem to help me grasp any concepts."

"Heavy textbooks mostly freak students out at the first glance...this app may help them to learn most of the same material in very friendly space."

Overall 71% of students who responded to the survey ranked the app in the top two categories—an outstanding or top tool to use in the undergraduate A&P course.

"I bought a textbook for my class but I don't use it at all and something like this would be much more helpful or it would at least help make using the textbook easier and more beneficial."

"I liked Visible Body Anatomy & Physiology because it gave me quizzes and visuals to help me learn the material."

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