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Musculoskeletal Anatomy eBooks

  • NEW! The Abdominal Muscles: Welcome to your ab manual.
  • NEW! Sports Injuries 101: Being active is important for your health, but it comes with the risk of injury. In this eBook, we take a look at some of the most common sports injuries.
  • NEW! The Muscles of Mastication: Chew on this! You may not realize it as you eat your lunch, but the muscles you're using to chomp on that sandwich are some of the strongest in the entire body.  
  • Skeleton System Fun Facts: What is bone made of? What does joint fluid feel like? How many cervical vertebrae does a giraffe have? Learn all this and way more in this gorgeous eBook!
  • Anatomy for Yogis: Between planking and downward-facing dog, yoga gives your muscles a serious stretch. See what muscles you use in this eBook by guest writer Jen Wilking of anatomyforyogis.com
  • Bursae: The body's throw pillows. How do these little sacs help your body? Find out now!
  • The Trapezius: It's a traps! Take a look at this broad muscle's anatomy, innervation, attachment points, and more.
  • Neck Muscle Anatomy: Not a pain in the neck at all. In this eBook, you will take a dive into the muscles of the neck, specifically the sternocleidomastoid and scalenes.
  • Axis and Atlas: The eBook sounds 100% more geographical than it actually is. Learn about the Axis and Atlas, the first two cervical vertebrae, and their very important jobs.
  • Lateral Rotators: Take a seat and learn about the six muscles that make up the lateral rotator group.
  • The Sphenoid: About as close to being Batman as any of us are going to get. The sphenoid is the bat-shaped bone in your skull. Learn about the bone's anatomy and its role in the body.
  • The Muscle Premium Preview: Get an overview of muscle anatomy, attachment, and innervation with this eBook.

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