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Musculoskeletal Anatomy eBooks

  • NEW! The Abdominal Muscles: Welcome to your ab manual.
  • NEW! Sports Injuries 101: Being active is important for your health, but it comes with the risk of injury. In this eBook, we take a look at some of the most common sports injuries.
  • Skeleton System Fun Facts: What is bone made of? What does joint fluid feel like? How many cervical vertebrae does a giraffe have? Learn all this and way more in this gorgeous eBook!
  • Anatomy for Yogis: Between planking and downward-facing dog, yoga gives your muscles a serious stretch. See what muscles you use in this eBook by guest writer Jen Wilking of anatomyforyogis.com
  • Bursae: The body's throw pillows. How do these little sacs help your body? Find out now!
  • The Trapezius: It's a traps! Take a look at this broad muscle's anatomy, innervation, attachment points, and more.
  • Neck Muscle Anatomy: Not a pain in the neck at all. In this eBook, you will take a dive into the muscles of the neck, specifically the sternocleidomastoid and scalenes.
  • Axis and Atlas: The eBook sounds 100% more geographical than it actually is. Learn about the Axis and Atlas, the first two cervical vertebrae, and their very important jobs.
  • Lateral Rotators: Take a seat and learn about the six muscles that make up the lateral rotator group.
  • The Sphenoid: About as close to being Batman as any of us are going to get. The sphenoid is the bat-shaped bone in your skull. Learn about the bone's anatomy and its role in the body.
  • The Muscle Premium Preview: Get an overview of muscle anatomy, attachment, and innervation with this eBook.

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