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Regional Anatomy eBooks

The content in each eBook reviews basic facts about body systems. All of the images and most of the text are from Human Anatomy Atlas—our best-selling 3D anatomy reference app.

  • Anatomy Etymology: Where did the word 'heart' come from? How did we get 'muscle' from a word meaning 'little mouse'? Discover the origins of 18 anatomy terms!
  • The Lymphatic System: Learn about your body's defense system, which is way more widespread than you'd think!
  • The Eye: Take a look (ha!) at ocular anatomy, which is much more than meets the eye (boom!).
  • Pelvic Cavity: Brush up on the pelvic cavity by studying male and female anatomy and organ function.
  • Hip Bones: The hip bone's connected to the... by the time you're done with this eBook, you'll be able to finish the line!
  • Fact and Fiction: 20 debunked medical myths, history, and cool facts.
  • The Skull: Learn the bones of the skull and interesting factoids about them (spoilers: there's lots!).
  • Respiratory System: Inhale this eBook about respiratory structures, function, and more.
  • Human Anatomy Atlas Preview: Take a deep dive into the systems of the human body with our Atlas preview eBook, which touches on everything from the nervous system to the lymphatic.