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Learn the ins and outs of human anatomy by downloading our free A&P eBooks.

Undergraduate A&P eBooks

Learn the ins and outs of human anatomy by downloading our free A&P eBooks: 

  • NEW! The Anatomy of Hearing: Let’s follow a sound wave on its journey from entering the ear to being transduced to electrical signals and interpreted by the brain!
  • NEW! Spinal Nerves: These bad boys are some of the heaviest hitters of the nervous system, acting to carry motor, autonomic, and sensory signals between the spinal cord and the body.
  • Blood Vessels: The body's vascular system is vast and intricate (if you took your blood vessels and laid them out in a line, it would wrap around the planet several times). In this eBook, we take a look at vessel anatomy, the various parts of the vascular system, and how blood is distributed throughout the body.
  • The Digestive System: Are you hungry for an eBook dedicated to talking about digestive anatomy and processes? Well, we've got some delicious food for you right here!
  • Cranial Nerves: Of the thousands and thousands of nerves and branches in the peripheral nervous system, the cranial nerves are some of the most interesting. In fact, you're using some right now to read this blurb. 
  • The Limbic System: Remember the time we last talked about the limbic system? Neither do we, so download this eBook and make some long-term memories out of it! 
  • The Endocrine System: Regulating things like metabolism, the sleep cycle, and growth and development, the hormones (and the organs from which they originate) of the endocrine system are incredibly important in keeping your body in operation.
  • Types of Bones: Bones are like the framework of a house, giving the body shape and structure. In this eBook, learn about the five types of bones and specific regions of the skeleton.
  • Build a Heart: The heart is an extraordinary machine. Learn about the many different components that keep your ticker at peak performance.
  • The A&P Vocab Series: Medical prefixes, suffixes, positions, and planes — oh my!
  • The Human Cell: Go back to basics with this inside look of a cell and the organelles that keep it operational.
  • Updated! Olfaction: Take a deep breath and dive into the anatomy and physiology of breathing.

All the images and most of the content in these eBooks were taken directly from Anatomy & Physiology, an app that visually and interactively engages students in the core concepts of an undergraduate A&P course. It is available for iPad, Android tablet, Mac, Windows Desktop, and Windows Touch.